Murphy Chooses Staff Over All New Jersey Women In The Workplace

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NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt blasted Governor Phil Murphy’s defense of staffers handling of sexual assault allegations against Al Alvarez. The Chairman’s press release follows:

Trenton, NJ -  At a press conference yesterday, Governor Murphy defended members of his staff for their handling of sexual assault allegations against Al Alvarez. The protection of his aides comes in executive defiance of the findings of a report released earlier in the day by a bipartisan panel of state legislators. 

Governor Murphy's exact quote was, "I believe that the team in my office did what they believed was the right thing, and I stand behind them. That has been the case and will continue to be the case."

NJGOP Chairman reacted to this with the following statement:

"Members of the Murphy administration showed up to testify before a panel of legislators and lied through their teeth and under oath. Governor Murphy siding with his political aides and allies over the well-being of a potential rape victim sets women’s rights back eons and sends a message that women don’t matter and aren't safe in the Governor’s workplace. New Jersey must come to terms with the sad fact that they elected a Governor who put his political patrons’ job protection ahead of the personal well-being of potential sexual assault victims.

"It's a strange time in New Jersey politics when the New Jersey Republican State Committee is this closely aligned with Senator Loretta Weinberg, but this is about human decency, not partisan politics."


It Took 8 Months For America To Learn Who Shot J.R., But New Jersey Still Can’t Find Out Who Hired Al Alvarez

Gov. Phil Murphy

Gov. Phil Murphy

Remember the Select Committee on Oversight that was formed in the aftermath of the Katie Brennan’s ordeal? Remember that Select Committee on Oversight was formed for the purpose of investigating hiring practices and the way in which Murphy’s administration handled the sexual assault allegations.

I think it’s amazing that it took only 8 months for America to find out who shot J.R., but New Jersey still hasn’t a clue as to who hired Al Alvarez, the man Brennan alleges raped her.

One would think that we would know who hired Alvarez by now. He was hired as the Chief of Staff at the Schools Development Authority which means he had to have been hired by a high-ranking official in Murphy’s administration – meaning someone who reports directly to the Governor.

How could Murphy not know the answer to the question? Not knowing means he’s either incompetent or stupid, and I don’t think Mr. Murphy is stupid.

Then again, maybe Murphy doesn’t want to know who hired Alvarez. He did arrange for a soft landing for Lizette Delgado-Polanco after she finally resigned as the CEO of the Schools Development Authority where Alvarez was chief of staff.

The soft landing? Delgado-Polanco went to Adam Alonso’s consulting firm the Cratos Group. Of course, the press in New Jersey forgot the fact that Alonso was Murphy’s Deputy Chief of Staff for Public Engagement and Governmental Affairs.

You decide, does Murphy really want to know who hired Al Alvarez?

[Full disclosure: there was a time Alonso worked with Republicans. I know because I hired his Cratos Group for fundraising for a campaign in New Mexico in late 2009/early 2010. The relationship ended due to billing “issues.”]

Alvarez “No One Ever Said To Me ‘You’re Hired’”

Screenshot of live feed of Alvarez testimony

Screenshot of live feed of Alvarez testimony

It’s official – the only thing run worse than Governor Phil Murphy’s soccer team is his administration.

Al Alvarez, who ended up as chief of staff at the Schools Development Authority and was able to stay in his $140,000 job after it was known there was an investigation into an alleged sexual assault is testifying before the Legislative Oversight Committee in Trenton as I type.

When asked directly (and repeatedly) who hired him Alvarez said, “No one ever said to me ‘you’re hired.’”

So, the answer to the question, “who hired Al Alvarez” is still no one knows. The only other place this could possibly happen in New Jersey is Phil Murphy’s soccer team.

Alvarez is still testifying. They just announced a break for about a half hour, but you can watch it live here: