South Jersey Fight Club Has Six Rules, Besides All Its Members Being Democrats


Former Assemblyman Arthur Barclay, Voorhees Township Deputy Mayor Jason Ravitz, Atlantic City Mayor Frank Gilliam and Atlantic City Councilman Jeffree Fauntleroy and failed Democratic sheriff candidate Bob Gant are all members of the South Jersey Fight Club. They’re all Democrats and they all follow the rules.

The first rule to South Jersey Fight Club is: you never reprimand a fellow Democrat. The second rule to South Jersey Fight Club is: you never reprimand a fellow Democrat.

The third rule to South Jersey Fight Club is: deny, deny, deny. At least that’s what Gant did when The Bob & Steve Show called him out for his role in the beating of a defenseless inmate at the old Salem County Jail, and that’s exactly what Gilliam and Fauntleroy did until confronted with video from a member of the media.

The fourth rule to South Jersey Fight Club is: say “It is what it is.” That’s the exact phrase used by Barclay and Fauntleroy.

The fifth rule to South Jersey Fight Club is: blame someone else for your own actions, even if it’s on video. That’s what Ravitz did and it appears Fauntleroy is doing the same. He told the Philadelphia Inquirer:

"When we go out, we're actually targets," Fauntleroy added. "Sometimes things get provoked into situations where you have to, actually … things happen."

The sixth rule to South Jersey Fight Club is: hide! Several media outlets reported that Gilliam hid in his city hall office most of yesterday and Barclay was missing for nearly two weeks after his incident.

Other than following the rules and being Democrats these South Jersey Fight Club members have something else in common. South Jersey’s Democratic leaders haven’t said one single word about their poor behavior. Not Senate President Steve Sweeney, not Congressman Donald Norcross, not Congressman-elect Jeff Van Drew, not Camden County Democratic Party Chairman Jim Beach, not Salem County Democratic Party Chairman Steven Caltabiano, not Atlantic County Democratic Party Chairman Michael Suleiman. Not even the party’s municipal leaders said a word about these South Jersey Fight Club members.

Maybe South Jersey’s Democratic leaders need Tyler Durden from the Fight Club movie to yell his famous movie quote, “Listen up, maggots. You are not special. You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake. You are the same decaying organic matter as everything else,” at them.

If that doesn’t do the trick maybe, just maybe, South Jersey voters will get sick of the bad behavior of Democrats and start rejecting them at the polls.

Newly Elected Gloucester Township School Board Member Has Some Explaining To Do

 Brian Reagan (Source: Campaign Website)

Brian Reagan (Source: Campaign Website)

File this one under I wish someone contacted us sooner – like maybe BEFORE the election.

One of the winners of the race for school board in Gloucester Township, Brian Reagan, ran under the banner “Building Brighter Futures” with the other two winners. One would think someone running under that banner might be 100% truthful in his campaign.

On the “Building Brighter Futures” campaign website Reagan stated that he “and his wife decided to make Gloucester Township their home in 2011 and have been raising their two children Ava, 13, and Brian, 16, here.”

Reagan Website.JPG

One small problem. Reagan has an ex-wife who apparently doesn’t remember ever living in Gloucester Township.

Reagan Ex Wife.JPG

On top of that, it appears Reagan got divorced in 2010.

Reagan Divorce.jpg

Granted, I don’t know who got custody of the kids, if it’s a shared custody thing or whatever, but the question has to be asked how did he and his wife decide to make Gloucester Township their home in 2011 if his Final Judgment of Divorce was filed on December 9, 2010 in Gloucester County?

Fibbing to the voters isn’t exactly conducive to “Building Brighter Futures.” It appears Mr. Reagan has some explaining to do. His first school board meeting could be fun to watch.

Haddon Township Commissioners Have Found A Replacement For Dougherty

 Ryan Linhart (Source: Facebook)

Ryan Linhart (Source: Facebook)

Haddon Township Commissioners have selected Ryan Linhart to replace former Commissioner Paul Dougherty who resigned in disgrace for reasons completely unrelated to his hit and run car accident.

Linhart will serve as the Commissioner of Revenue and Finance. This makes sense since he makes his living as a financial analyst.

Apparently, establishment Democrats aren’t happy about this as Linhart comes from the progressive wing of the party. Sources close to the situation say local Democrats were lobbying heavy for someone else.

Linhart is married, has two sons and lives in the Bluebird section of Haddon Township. He did run against current Commissioner Jim Mulroy. He appears to have been active in the township having headed up the restoration of the New Jersey Avenue public park. He also served on the township’s Shade Tree Commission.

Linhart will have to run for a full term in May 2019. With local Democrats not particularly happy with this pick the May election in Haddon Township could be exciting.