2020 GOP CD2 Primary Beginning To Shape Up


By now our readers should be aware that Atlantic County Young Republicans Chairman Brian Fitzherbert officially announced his candidacy for Congress in CD2 earlier this week.

Fitzherbert made a run for the congressional seat a year ago before he was removed from the ballot.

It appears there is another candidate already in the race. Bob Patterson of Haddonfield who ran for Congress in CD1 against Donald Norcross in 2016 has launched a campaign website for CD2. Knowing Patterson lives in Camden County I thought when I heard he launched a campaign website he was going to run in CD1 again. So, I checked the website and he is clearly running in CD2:

Screenshot from Patterson’s  website

Screenshot from Patterson’s website

There is a third potential candidate in CD2. David Richter, who has formed an exploratory committee. Admittedly I wasn’t very nice to Richter in a past blog post, but the guy definitely has a good sense of humor. At a recent event in Salem County he was able to deal with me busting his chops. And, he shared a laugh with Fitzherbert at the event when I asked them to take a photo together and told them both it will end up on the blog at some point:

David Richter and Brian Fitzherbert

David Richter and Brian Fitzherbert

There are still rumors out there that last year’s nominee Seth Grossman and a real estate guy John Andrie are looking at running in CD2, since neither have announced anything they are still rumors.

If three is a crowd, does four or five become a mess?

It’s looking like 2020 is going to have an exciting primary season.

Soccer Gives Us Another “Do As I Say, Not As I Do” Phil Murphy Moment


Governor Phil Murphy, a guy who basic mathematics tells us paid professional women soccer players less than $15 per hour while he was running for governor on the promise of $15 per hour, now says he thinks women should be paid the same as men.

Don’t forget there was also that time Murphy wanted a sport scientist to come to his team as an unpaid intern. And, there’s the fact the two top draft picks by Murphy’s soccer team wouldn’t sign because of the team’s record of poor treatment of women.

And, now, suddenly Murphy believes women soccer players should be paid the same as men. As the owner of a women’s professional soccer team Murphy has had many opportunities to fight for exactly that. Did he? The evidence, paying at least some women on his own team as little as possible, even less than $15 per hour prior to the 2018 season, forcing young women to live with an elderly man who repeatedly made inappropriate comments to the players and made them feel uncomfortable, and more suggests he didn’t fight for equal pay.

According to NJ.com Murphy, on the issue of pay for professional women soccer players, said:

“Affordability shouldn’t be the question,” he said. “The question should be: What’s right? As long as the Federation … is on the right side of history — and we’ll do everything we can to make sure they are — the rest of this will work out.”

Obviously, the Murphy track record is completely different. It looks to me this is just another Phil Murphy “do as I say, not as I do” moment.

PRESS RELEASE: Camden County GOP Chairman: Whose Side Are The Democrats On?

Press Release.jpg

Camden County GOP Chairman Rich Ambrosino has apparently grown tired of Democrats constantly asking each other “whose side are you on” and today asked, “Whose side are the Democrats on?’ Ambrosino’s press release on the issue follows:

Camden County GOP Chairman: Whose Side Are The Democrats On?

New taxes, increased taxes and sweetheart tax incentive deals help no one

HADDON HEIGHTS – Recently Assemblyman Lou Greenwald issued a statement asking “whose side are you on” to which Camden County Republican Chairman Rich Ambrosino wondered, “Whose side are the Democrats on?”

“While it’s been somewhat amusing to watch the Democrats fight their civil war, I find it laughable they keep asking each other ‘whose side are you on,’” CCGOP Chairman Rich Ambrosino said. “I, my county committee and residents of Camden County want to know whose side Camden County Democrats are on.”

“Every time they tax us we wonder whose side they’re on, gas tax, rain tax, vacation tax, money to illegal immigrants to go to college, money taken from our veterans are all things that have been supported by Lou Greenwald and his fellow Democrats.” Ambrosino added, “And let’s not forget their support of shifting tax dollars out of the suburbs with sweetheart tax incentive deals that moved corporations out of Cherry Hill, Voorhees and even Burlington County.”

Ambrosino asked, “Who did all these taxes and sweetheart tax incentive deals help? Whose side was Lou Greenwald and his fellow Democrats on then?”

Answering his own question, Ambrosino said, “Certainly not the taxpayers and certainly not folks in Camden looking for jobs.”

“For New Jersey’s Democrats to keep asking ‘whose side are you on’ is ridiculous,” Ambrosino said. “It’s obvious they aren’t on the side of the taxpayers. I assure everyone, across the board, from our assembly candidates in the 4th, 5th, 6th and 8th districts to our county freeholder candidates and our candidates at the municipal level our candidates are on the side of the taxpayers. When Republicans win the tax increases and sweetheart tax incentive deals will stop.”

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