PRESS RELEASE: Fiocchi Weighs In On Code Blue Controversy

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There was some back and forth over Code Blue preparations in Cape May County. The dust up was covered in the Cape May County Herald here and here.

Former Assemblyman and candidate for state Senate in LD1, Sam Fiocchi, said in a social media post that “Real leadership is needed in the 1st Legislative District.”

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Fiocchi also issued a press release on the issue this morning. The press release follows:

Andrzejczak And Land Accuse Cape May County Of Not Doing Enough During Code Blue

Attacking county government is a failure to lead

VINELAND – Recently, state Senator Bob Andrzejczak and Assemblyman Bruce Land released a statement that, for lack of better words, accused Cape May County of not doing enough with regard to Code Blue announcements. Their joint statement forced Cape May County Freeholder Director Gerald Thornton to push back with a statement of his own.

“I was always under the impression it was the duty of our legislators to represent our counties in Trenton, not attack them,” Sam Fiocchi said. “I found it a little odd that state Senator Andrzejczak and Assemblyman Land would use the recent cold weather to issue a statement attacking the Cape May County Freeholder Board.”

“Rather than attacking Cape May County’s freeholders by insinuating not enough was done after announcing a Code Blue Andrzejczak and Land should have been working toward solutions.” Fiocchi added, “The fact is the Code Blue legislation the two of them authored amounts to an unfunded mandate.”

“If Andrzejczak and Land truly wanted to be sure counties could handle Code Blue situations perhaps they should have argued against Governor Murphy setting aside $2 million for the legal defense of illegal immigrants and used the money to fund Code Blue situations.” Fiocchi said, “Unfortunately, that would have required real leadership, something sorely missing in LD1.”

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It Appears New Jersey Press Is Starting To Get It

Phil Murphy

Phil Murphy

Here at The Bob & Steve Show we’ve been screaming about Phil Murphy’s dismal record on his treatment of women for months. Back on August 14, 2018 The Bob & Steve Show promised in a blog post, “If New Jersey’s press is going to continue to let Murphy off the hook for the horrible treatment of the women on his soccer team and his hypocrisy on pay and gender equality then The Bob & Steve Show will do our best to keep reminding New Jerseyans of the BS Murphy is feeding us.”

And, we’ve kept that promise, writing about Murphy and his hypocrisy on the treatment of women and pay and gender equality at least 29 times in five months.

I can’t tell you how many times we’ve discussed Murphy’s mistreatment of women on the radio show.

Based on recent headlines it appears the press in New Jersey is starting to get it. A Star-Ledger editorial, “Lift the gag rule on women in Murphy campaign,” Another radio station with, “Phil Murphy has a problem with women” and a Star-Ledger column, “Governor: Women legislators want the gag order lifted, too,” are just a few of the recent headlines to get our attention.

Sure, it’s taken the bravery of Katie Brennan and more recently Allison Kopicki to get New Jersey’s press to start asking questions.

We’re just hopeful that now that some in the NJ press are paying attention to Murphy’s hypocrisy on the treatment of women they’ll keep asking questions. Understandably all the questions being asked now have to do with the administration and his gubernatorial campaign, but don’t forget about the soccer team because there’s a long history of mistreating women there, too.

We’re Talking The Border On The Bob And Steve Show Tomorrow


There’s been a lot of talk about a border wall and border security on the news lately and that’ll be the topic for a large portion of The Bob & Steve Show tomorrow.

Bob and I are going to bring some perspective to the situation on the border for our listeners. Lately folks have heard me say to Bob on the show that if you have never lived in a border state you have no idea what life is really like on the border.

Thanks to the fact that I lived for several years in New Mexico, Bob and I enlisted the help of our friend (and my New Mexico mom) former four-term NM state Representative Janice Arnold-Jones and have farmers and ranchers living in New Mexico’s southernmost county, Hidalgo County, calling in to the show to tell us what life along the border is really like.

 (Hint: there’s not a wall, no steel posts, just seven strand barbed wire fence)

You’ll hear from a farmer who had an illegal border crosser walk through his back door at 4:00AM. You’ll hear a rancher tell the story of finding 700 pounds of marijuana on his property, calling border patrol and then dealing with the retaliation of having called border patrol.

We’ll also have rancher and Hidalgo County Commissioner John Hatch call in assuming he has cell phone service as he’ll be traveling to Reserve, NM (I remember the difficulties of getting cell service in some of the high desert areas of the state).

And, of course, we’ll have former NM state Rep. Janice Arnold-Jones call-in.

Tune-in, it’ll be an interesting and educational show tomorrow.