Gov. Phil Murphy’s New Chef Is So Good He Needs A Caterer

Phil Murphy

Phil Murphy

The folks at are reporting this morning that “The longtime chef at New Jersey governor’s mansion in Princeton has been replaced by a Red Bank restaurant owner who is taking over a new position with a salary that is about $40,000 more than the former cook’s wages…” The new chef’s salary is $110,000. For the record, $110,000 is more than double the maximum salary allowed for a player on the Governor’s professional women’s soccer team.

According to the report the previous chef, who has been at Drumthwacket for nearly 17 years, was “pushed out of the position in April.”

The administration attempted to explain away the pushing out of the old chef and hiring a new chef by telling the reporter:

A spokeswoman for Gov. Phil Murphy’s administration said the recent hire is filling a newly created role at the mansion to help accommodate more public events, like holiday open houses and dinners with different constituencies.

“To accommodate this increase in programming, the job of executive chef was changed to executive chef and program coordinator, which requires a different skillset and expertise than the previous position. The job no longer consists of solely cooking, but has been expanded to include coordination and development of additional programming,” Murphy spokeswoman Alexandra Altman said in a statement.

Not to be cynical, but I am fairly certain former Governor Chris Christie had holiday open houses and dinners with different constituencies at Drumthwacket. I wasn’t invited to any (even though I did stellar work for the former guv on the 2009 campaign), but my co-host Bob Greco was. Other governors had events at Drumthwacket. So, I really don’t see what the “additional programming” is.

The report goes on to say:

As executive chef and program coordinator, the new chef will develop menus and serve as the point of contact for event caterers at the mansion…

Point of contact for caterers! What the hell? Caterers prepare and cook food. That’s what a chef does. Why would a chef need a caterer to do what the chef is paid to do?

Maybe Phil Murphy’s new chef who owns a restaurant less than two miles from Murphy’s home, who the Governor’s people claim is not “known to Murphy” even though the new chef obviously met Murphy in 2018 when he cooked for the Governor can cook for Murphy’s Sky Blue soccer team and explain to the players who make far less money than the new chef how New Jersey is “stronger and fairer.”

Speaking of “stronger and fairer” I think it’s a safe bet the income level at the chef’s house is stronger because his wife got a job at Drumthwacket too.

I guess it pays to not be “known to Murphy.”

PRESS RELEASE: 20 Reasons New Jersey Is Weaker And Poorer Under Phil Murphy 20 Reasons To Vote Republican In The 2019 Murphy Mid-Terms 19 Days Until Election Day

Press Release.jpg

Remember when Governor Phil Murphy tried to steal from the state’s firefighters? NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt remembers and his press release follows:

Trenton, NJ - The NJGOP is counting down the last 20 days before Election Day in the  2019 Murphy Mid-Terms with 20 reasons New Jersey is weaker and poorer under Governor Phil Murphy and 20 reasons to vote Republican on November 5th.

Reason #19: Governor Murphy Tried To Steal Money From Firefighter Burial Fund

Comment from NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt:

“The NJGOP is proud to fight alongside New Jersey’s first responders, especially after their Governor tried to pay for his laundry list of liberal handouts by stealing $33 million from the Firemen’s Association burial fund. And even though his screwball scheme failed, Phil Murphy’s last second retreat can’t erase his blatant disregard for the hard working men and women who risk their lives to protect our lives. New Jersey voters should be shocked and appalled, but then, hey, this is the same Governor who, last week, said, “If … tax rate is your issue … we’re probably not your state.” You shouldn’t be our Governor either, and your Party’s policies are killing our State.”

Phil Murphy’s Sanctuary State Policy Hits Close To Home

Gov. Phil Murphy

Gov. Phil Murphy

Late last month the state of Delaware saw a “historic million-dollar drug bust.” I honestly didn’t pay much attention to the story until I stumbled across this headline: Delaware State Drug Suspects Living in Gloucester City Are Illegal Aliens.

You read that headline right! The largest heroin and fentanyl bust in Delaware history was courtesy of illegal aliens. And, those illegal aliens, Julian Rivera-Villa, age 56, and Ricardo Perez-Guillen, age 40, were living right here in South Jersey. Camden County – Gloucester City to be exact, which is where one of the suspects, Rivera-Villa, was arrested.

According to the GloucesterCityNews report, a U.S. Attorney’s Office District of Delaware press release and page 7 of the criminal complaint filed by the DOJ some of their heroin was seized right here in South Jersey in hidden compartments in a car registered to Perez-Guillen.

If illegal aliens cannot legally obtain a drivers license in New Jersey one has to wonder how Perez-Guillen, a Mexican national, was able to register his car in New Jersey.

Even with an illegal alien somehow registering a car, driving that car on the streets of South Jersey and over a bridge to Delaware to sell illegal drugs, there are still liberal groups pushing for illegals to get drivers licenses and so is Governor Phil Murphy. It makes no sense to allow illegal aliens to obtain a drivers license!

Thanks for the sanctuary state policy Mr. Murphy.