Alvarez “No One Ever Said To Me ‘You’re Hired’”

Screenshot of live feed of Alvarez testimony

Screenshot of live feed of Alvarez testimony

It’s official – the only thing run worse than Governor Phil Murphy’s soccer team is his administration.

Al Alvarez, who ended up as chief of staff at the Schools Development Authority and was able to stay in his $140,000 job after it was known there was an investigation into an alleged sexual assault is testifying before the Legislative Oversight Committee in Trenton as I type.

When asked directly (and repeatedly) who hired him Alvarez said, “No one ever said to me ‘you’re hired.’”

So, the answer to the question, “who hired Al Alvarez” is still no one knows. The only other place this could possibly happen in New Jersey is Phil Murphy’s soccer team.

Alvarez is still testifying. They just announced a break for about a half hour, but you can watch it live here: