Governor Murphy’s Hypocrisy Of His Treatment Of Women Goes On Display Today


Democrats have a Phil Murphy problem, or maybe Murphy has a double-standard problem that Democrats choose to ignore. And that double-standard problem is Murphy’s treatment of women which goes on display today before the joint committee investigating the administration’s hiring practices with testimony from Katie Brennan.

The joint committee is looking into the hiring practices of Murphy’s administration because his staff, it appears, failed to do anything about Brennan’s allegation of sexual assault at the hands of Albert Alvarez who ended up as chief of staff at the Schools Development Authority and was able to stay in his $140,000 job after it was known there was an investigation into the alleged sexual assault.

Murphy seems to have a Sergeant Schultz of Hogan’s Heroes problem in that he sees nothing. A headline reads, “Phil Murphy says he had 'no idea' aides reportedly tried to restrict hiring investigation.”

And, reading a Star-Ledger column, it appears at least some legislators don’t believe Murphy. An excerpt from the column:

It's tough to believe the governor didn't know, and the deeper you dig into the facts of this case, the tougher it gets. Two senior legislators involved in this inquiry say privately that they don't believe the governor, and that his senior aides have pressed them to restrict the inquiry or skip it altogether.

No one knows how this investigation into the Murphy administration’s hiring practices is going to go, but the fact there is an investigation should be enough to tell everyone that Murphy has a big double-standard when it comes to his treatment of women.

Murphy’s list of double-standards in his treatment of women is growing. For example, remember the time he vetoed the meeting minutes of the South Jersey Port Corporation over the handling of “credible accusations of sexual harassment,” yet ignored the fact that women on his soccer team “were forced to ‘live with an elderly man who repeatedly made inappropriate comments to the players and made them feel uncomfortable.’”

Granted, I’m assuming the “inappropriate comments” were likely sexual in nature, and thus a form of sexual harassment that the governor’s soccer team chose to ignore.

The mistreatment of women on Murphy’s soccer team goes on, shoddy practice facilities, problems with travel reimbursement and medical care reimbursement, poor living conditions and even paying some players and staff less than the equivalent of $15 per hour. Add to the list the lack of caring about Brennan’s allegations and possibly Murphy’s staff attempting put restrictions on the current investigation and it’s obvious there is a problem in the way Team Murphy treats women.

When it comes to Murphy’s treatment of women the question left to be answered is: Do Democrats have a Phil Murphy problem, or does Murphy have a double-standard problem that Democrats choose to ignore?