Press Conference in Camden At 1PM Today To Complain About Problems Those Holding The Press Conference Have Only Themselves To Blame For


Now that surrogates are lining up to fight in the war between Governor Phil Murphy and George Norcross don’t expect the fight to end any time soon.

Last week Camden’s mayor, two former governors, corporate and union leaders got together to praise the tax incentives that are at the center of the Murphy-Norcross war.

Thanks to the folks over at InsiderNJ I learned there will be a press conference in Camden at 1PM today featuring “The Camden We Choose Coalition, Camden residents, NAACP, National Action Network, Camden Teachers Union, Camden Parents Union, CWA, Camden High Alumni association, Concerned Black Clergy, and others.”

I get it, lots of folks, both Democrats and Republicans are using the Murphy-Norcross war to take shots at Norcross. Pretty much everybody the Norcross machine has defeated hates the man. Why not use the opportunity?

What I don’t get is they all know Murphy is a terrible governor. Why praise the man? The folks holding today’s press conference heaped praise on Murphy, saying in their release:

The Governor is more than welcome in Camden, and in fact we invite him here. 89% of Camden residents voted for Governor Murphy in 2017, and he’s been a strong supporter of the City since his election. We look forward to working with him to make Camden even stronger.

In what world has Governor Murphy been a “strong supporter” of Camden? I didn’t think Murphy even knew South Jersey exists. I may not have always agreed with former Governor Chris Christie and definitely didn’t like some of his visits to Camden, but like it or not, Christie did more for Camden than Murphy ever will. I won’t mention his name, but I do recall during the last gubernatorial election being told by a Camco freeholder that he was voting for Christie in his reelection because he did more for Camden than any other governor.

So, these folks are going to join Murphy’s side in this war. I’m also willing to bet at least some of the column 4 insurgent Democrats will appear at today’s press conference. And, this press conference will change nothing. The column 4 Democrats will lose in the June primary and then come November they will vote for the very people they are running against.

I don’t mind the Murphy-Norcross war, it’s likely going to yield some good issues for Camco Republicans to run on. What I do mind is that it will change nothing come November. Camden voters will vote the same as they’ve done for longer than I’ve been able to vote – straight Democrat.

83 years with a Democrat as mayor. 46 years with a Democrat in the state Senate and the state Assembly. 44 years with a Democrat in Congress. The same people holding this press conference are responsible for the issues they’re complaining about. They have no one to blame but themselves.