PRESS RELEASE: Race-Baiting Norcross Super PAC Mailer Invades LD-1 Campaign

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The Republican candidates in LD1, Mike Testa for state Senate and Antwan McClellan and Erik Simonsen for Assembly hit back at a mailer sent by a Democratic PAC. Their press release follows:

September 16, 2019, First Legislative District – Republicans slammed a negative attack mailer against GOP Assembly candidate and Ocean City Councilman Antwan McClellan today, alleging the shadowy Super PAC funded by allies of George Norcross darkened and distorted McClellan’s photo, placed it inside a yellow circle reminiscent of Aunt Jemima syrup branding and used racially-charged language in a desperate attempt to hang on to a district that is slipping away. 


The Republicans demanded Democrat incumbents Bob Andrzejczak, Bruce Land, Matt Milam, and Cape May County Democrat Chairman Brendan Sciarra to immediately disavow the mailing, and call on the Norcross-linked General Majority PAC to cease and desist from spending in support of their candidacies.

“The Democratic party claims to be the party of inclusion; however, the moment a person of color like me disagrees with their narrative, they launch an ad hominem attack, whip out their best ‘Aunt Jemima’ photograph and purposefully darken my complexion in order to suppress dissent,” said McClellan.  “This attack ad launched against me isn’t just tone deaf, it’s totally deaf to the economic struggles that faced all the people of South Jersey in the recent trying economic times. I am a Republican because we support job creation and real opportunity not just giveaway programs. I know about that struggle firsthand and promise to diligently represent South Jersey to increase economic opportunities.”

“The Cape May County GOP has worked hard to reach out to the African-American community and Antwan is without a doubt one of our brightest stars.  To see him subjected to these kinds of racist attacks is extremely distressing,” said Cape GOP Chairman Marcus Karavan. “Unfortunately, these are the kinds of attacks you would expect from District 1 Democrats, who, to my recollection, have never run a woman or a person of color for the state legislature.”

“People that buy into this race-baiting narrative being advanced by the Democrats are just asking for more of the same lackluster representation and cronyism,” said Erik Simonsen.  “I suggest that everyone, not just people of color, look closely into the thinking that spawned this attack ad and ask themselves if this is the representation they want.

“It’s no surprise that the very first mailer sent out by the Democrats was a negative attack. They can’t defend their party’s radical liberal agenda and the insane policies of Phil Murphy, so they turn to personal smears,” said Senate candidate Mike Testa, Jr. “But to see Antwan depicted in this way is beyond offensive. We are not going to sit by and let the Democrats hide from this one. The days of Bob Andrzejczak and running mates dutifully staying silent, while George Norcross’ shady PAC – funded by companies who got suspect tax breaks – does their dirty work, are over.”

Was Jesse Jackson Right (about Cory Booker)?

Cory Booker

Cory Booker

Like many of you I watched the Democrats running for President debate last night. At one point during the debate, in an apparent attempt to show he isn’t part of a political machine, Cory Booker said, “I, with a bunch of tenant leaders in Newark, New Jersey, in 2002, took on the political machine. And boy did they fight back.”

I laughed, not because it was funny, but because like many New Jerseyans I know Booker is very much a machine politician. Many “progressives” called Booker out for a fundraiser hosted by George Norcross and Joe DiVincenzo. Republican U.S. Senate candidate Tricia Flanagan whacked Booker for the fundraiser.

Apparently Jesse Jackson might have known before all of us that Booker would turn out to be a machine politician. Jackson once warned that Booker was a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

I learned of Jackson’s warning by taking an action Booker asked me to. Okay, he didn’t ask just me, Booker asks anyone who signs up for his campaign’s emails to “check out Street Fight, the story of Cory's first campaign for mayor of Newark.”

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So, I did exactly as the Booker welcome email asked and watched Street Fight on Netflix. About an hour into the movie the narrator explains, “Jesse Jackson comes to town and calls Cory a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

If all those years ago Jesse Jackson knew Booker was no good, what’s taking New Jersey’s Democrats so long to figure it out? Maybe they will. Time will tell.

PRESS RELEASE: “Business As Usual” In Camden County

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Camden County Republican Chairman Rich Ambrosino is keping the pressure on the Camco Democrats and the Arthur Barclay situation. His press release follows:

HADDON HEIGHTS – Camden County Republican Chairman Rich Ambrosino’s immediate response after reading a report that former Assemblyman Arthur Barclay met with George Norcross was simply, “Just wow!”

“What’s wrong with this guy that he goes on Facebook and posts a photo of himself with George Norcross and, at the time, the Assistant Chief of the Camden County Police Department and captions the photo with ‘Business as usual,’” Rich Ambrosino said. “He had to know that after resigning from the assembly in disgrace that photo with ‘business as usual’ sends a really bad message.”

Ambrosino continued, “Frankly, I don’t know if Barclay calling it “business as usual’ or the fact George Norcross referred to him as a ‘mentor to many children in the City of Camden’ is worse. Nowhere else in New Jersey would a guy who admitted to punching his girlfriend be called a ‘mentor’ to anyone.”

“To make the claim that Barclay ‘promptly resigned’ from the Assembly is laughable. Perhaps with all the stress of fighting with the Governor, Mr. Norcross forgot there was nothing prompt about it.” Ambrosino explained, “It took 11 days from arrest to resignation. And, even then, the claim was that Barclay resigned for ‘health reasons.’ Apparently, Barclay’s health has greatly improved given the fact he went from being employed by the county as a supervisor in the Department of Events and Community Outreach to a new position as a confidential assistant in the Division of Senior and Disabled Services.”

“After Barclay resigned from the Assembly the county spokesman said the arrest would be investigated as a personnel matter.” Ambrosino said, “I think it is time for someone to explain how that investigation led to Arthur Barclay being moved into a new job in county government and a pay raise. Was it simply business as usual?”