PRESS RELEASE: Cory Booker’s Disingenuous No PAC Money Pledge

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Declared Republican candidate for US Senate Tricia Flanagan called out US Senator Cory Booker for his disingenuous no PAC money pledge today. Her press release follows:

Cory Booker’s Disingenuous No PAC Money Pledge

Booker’s 50 Shades of PAC Money

LAWRENCEVILLE – As progressives around New Jersey complain that Essex County Executive Joe DiVincenzo and South Jersey political powerbroker George Norcross are co-hosting a fundraiser for US Senator Cory Booker’s vanity presidential campaign today the one thing they continue to ignore is that Booker’s pledge not to accept PAC money is disingenuous.

Republican Senate candidate Tricia Flanagan said, “It’s easy for Senator Booker to pledge not to accept PAC money when he’s attending a fundraiser co-hosted by the man most political observers view as the person connected to the General Majority PAC.”

Flanagan asked, “How many donors to General Majority will be at today’s fundraiser?”

“Let’s not forget Governor Murphy held a fundraiser at his home for Booker earlier this year,” Flanagan added, “One has to wonder how many donors to New Direction New Jersey, the ‘dark money’ group Murphy has solicited funds for, wrote checks at that event.”

“My point is, it’s easy to say you won’t accept PAC money when you have the people raising money for PACs raising money for you. It makes Mr. Booker’s no PAC money pledge disingenuous. Frankly, I’m surprised Cory Booker’s fellow progressives haven’t figured it out,” Flanagan stated.

“Perhaps this kind of dishonesty is why when you do as a Booker campaign email suggests and ‘check out Street Fight, the story of Cory’s first campaign for Mayor of Newark’ you learn that ‘Jesse Jackson comes to town and calls Cory a wolf in Sheep’s clothing,’” Flanagan remarked. “Obviously, there was a time activists on the left could see through Mr. Booker’s deceitfulness.”

“Given the fact that Mr. Booker has created his own personal loophole to get around taking PAC money it could be time for a new ‘50 Shades’ movie. We could call it ‘Booker’s 50 Shades of PAC Money,’” Flanagan said.

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PRESS RELEASE: Camden County GOP Chairman Breaks Silence On Murphy-Norcross Fight

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This afternoon, via press release, Camden County Republican Chairman Richard Ambrosino weiged in on the war between Governor Phil Murphy and George Norcross. Ambrosino’s press release follows:

CHERRY HILL – Saying, “While it’s been fun to sit back and watch two heavyweight Democrats publicly tear each other apart, I can no longer remain silent” Camden County Republican Chairman Rich Ambrosino weighed in on the Democratic Party civil war between Governor Phil Murphy and George Norcross today.

“While this fight has shown us the Governor now sees Camden County as more than just a place to dump brine and rock salt, if this public fight were only about tax incentives I might continue to sit on the sidelines and watch,” Ambrosino said. “We can argue all day about whether tax incentives are good or bad, but this particular program, instituted under former Governor Chris Christie was a good idea gone bad. The program went bad as soon as someone decided it was a good idea to use these tax incentives to move companies and their tax dollars from the suburbs to Camden City.”

Ambrosino asked, “When did it become fair to rob tax dollars from one community to attempt to build up another?”

“As to the fight between Murphy and Norcross we all know it’s about control of their party and not just tax incentives,” Ambrosino said. “And, at least in Camden County, Democrats, be they part of the machine or the insurgent column 4 Democrats, have no one to blame but themselves.”

“Both the insurgent Democrats and the machine Democrats have been voting for the Norcross machine for 28 years,” Ambrosino continued. “One need only look at a May 2006 Philadelphia Magazine article to learn two of the three ‘Three Amigos,’ state Senator Jim Beach and freeholder Jeff Nash, Norcross’ original 1991 ‘dream team,’ still hold office in Camden County.”

“After 28 years of doing the same thing over and over it’s time for folks to spare us the phony outrage,” Ambrosino said. “In Camden County the past 28 years have corrupted the democratic process and led to a public fight with the state’s governor. To restore law, order, ethics and transparency to local government it’s time for Camden County voters to stop voting the way they’ve voted for nearly three decades and end the status quo.”

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Phil Murphy Loves Tax Incentives, Unless They Involve One Of His Political Enemies

Gov Phil Murphy

Gov Phil Murphy

Just last week I wrote in the blog that Republicans probably shouldn’t get too excited over the war between Governor Phil Murphy and Democratic power broker George Norcross and some of my fellow Republicans thought I was nuts. We said the same thing on the radio show and callers to the show weren’t happy with us.

We’ve been accused of defending Norcross and/or siding with him. We’re defending nor siding with either side in this conflict. Like many others, we’re simply interested observers.

But there’s a reason, several reasons actually, that both Bob and I have said Republicans shouldn’t get too excited over this war. While we do understand the theory of “my enemy’s enemy is my friend,” we also understand Murphy is never going to be helpful to Republicans.

And just this morning the folks at the Bergen Record made that point for us pointing out that Murphy is a big, giant hypocrite because he wants Republican appointees to the Economic Development Authority to resign even though “Murphy's Democratic Cabinet members and appointees chosen by Democratic legislative leaders — voted in lockstep with the Republican appointees…”

Here it is from

Gov. Phil Murphy is demanding that some of the political appointees on the Economic Development Authority board resign, saying it is a moment to "turn the page" at an agency that approved nearly $11 billion in tax breaks that the state comptroller said lacked adequate controls and oversight. 

But it appears Murphy is not trying to turn the full page in his unsuccessful bid to remake the troubled agency's board. 

Since Murphy took office in January 2018, all of the authority's members — including Murphy's Democratic Cabinet members and appointees chosen by Democratic legislative leaders — voted in lockstep with the Republican appointees he wants to resign on every occasion to approve 37 projects, according to a and USA TODAY NETWORK New Jersey analysis.

And then, later in the article, the Bergen Record drove home the point that Murphy is a hypocrite:

The incentives approved under Murphy totaled $470 million, according to the analysis of Economic Development Authority documents. That's separate from the nearly $11 billion awarded since 2005 which are under investigation, but the voting record does not seem to align with the logic behind Murphy's attempt to restock the board with like-minded leaders.

So, while I still think it’s fun to watch the Murphy-Norcross war please don’t ever think Murphy is going to be helpful to Republicans. And, don’t think Murphy, win or lose his personal war with Norcross, will ever put an end to tax incentives.

Murphy loves tax incentives! The “Snooki Amendment” gave $425 million of tax incentives to the film industry. Murphy happily accepted $165 million in tax incentives for Goldman Sachs to build a tower in Jersey City and tried to shake down NYC for tax incentives while the Jersey City tower was being built.

And, don’t forget, Murphy practically begged Amazon to come to North Jersey by offering up $5 billion in tax incentives.

It’s obvious Phil Murphy loves tax incentives – unless they involve one of his political enemies.

For Republicans, the best course of action is still not to take a side. Just sit back and see who wins the Murphy-Norcross war. It’s still fun to watch.