Could The Murphy-Norcross War Be Hurting The Recall Murphy Effort?


At the Bob & Steve Show we’ve talked about the effort to recall Phil Murphy quite a bit on the radio show. Even though the odds of a recall actually happening are slim, we support the effort. I’ve signed a petition.

Unfortunately, for the effort, I’ve been at two events recently where folks have refused to sign the recall petition. The reason for refusal? Governor Phil Murphy is going after George Norcross.

Just last evening at a gathering of Republicans in North Camden, yes you read that right, Camden County Republicans had a meeting in Camden City, where the recall petition was circulating at least two people refuse to sign the petition.

One of the people who refused to sign the petition I’ve known for at least 10 years. He’s a Camden resident, a good Republican and more conservative than me. I asked him why he wouldn’t sign. His answer was clear, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend. As long as Murphy is going after Norcross I am not signing that petition.”

Maybe I’m just wondering out loud here, but if Republicans living in Camden aren’t willing to sign a petition to recall Murphy because he’s “going after Norcross” how many more voters out there are thinking the same way?

It’s something to think about.