PRESS RELEASE: Fiocchi Says Testa Is Disingenuous At Best And Hypocritical At Worst On Rain Tax

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Today, via press release, Sam Fiocchi hit Michael Testa for “choosing to selectively look at the roll cal” on the rain tax vote and “ignore the fact that one of his supporters voted yes.” Fiocchi’s press release follows:

Fiocchi Says Testa Is Disingenuous At Best And Hypocritical At Worst On Rain Tax

Testa ignores the fact a state Senator who endorsed him voted yes on the rain tax.

VINELAND – Republican candidate for state Senate in the first legislative district, former Assemblyman Sam Fiocchi, said today, “It appears Michael Testa, Jr. wants to have it both ways on the ‘rain tax.’”

At issue is, last week, hours after Fiocchi issued a statement calling on replacement state Senator Bob Andrzejczak to explain to South Jerseyans why he supports the ‘rain tax,’ Testa took to social media in an attempt to jump on the anti-rain tax bandwagon with a graphic that read “Bob Andrzejczak and Trenton Democrats soaking taxpayers again.”

Testa also wrote the following along with his graphic, “Trenton politicians have NEVER found a tax they didn't like. A ‘RAIN TAX’ is just wrong. Taxing rain is a laughable example of government gone wild. As your next State Senator, I'll always protect our taxpayers. I will stand up to those eager to find new ways of fleecing our families.”

Throughout his complaining about the ‘rain tax’ Testa failed to mention he is proud to have the endorsement of a state Senator who voted yes on bill S-1073 on January 31st after it passed the Assembly and went back to the Senate for concurrence.

“While I obviously agree a ‘rain tax’ is wrong, it’s equally wrong to call someone out over it while completely ignoring the fact that a state Senator, someone Testa is proud to have an endorsement from and happens to be a headliner for his upcoming fundraiser, voted for bill S-1073,” Sam Fiocchi said. “Some might even call it hypocritical.”

“To be clear, this is not about the Senator whose vote Testa chose to ignore, that’s why I haven’t mentioned the Senator’s name.” Fiocchi continued, “This is about Michael Testa choosing to selectively look at the roll call on the vote and ignore the fact that one of his supporters voted yes. It’s disingenuous at best and hypocritical at worst to simply ignore the way someone headlining a fundraiser for you voted on a bill you take issue with. It certainly shows a lack of  leadership.”

“Make no mistake, this primary election is about who is best prepared to campaign against and defeat replacement state Senator Bob Andrzejczak,” Sam Fiocchi said. “It’s going to boil down to leadership and this is one example that clearly shows a lack of leadership on Michael Testa’s part.”

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