Governor Murphy Sends His Wife In To Take Care Of His Soccer Team’s Problems


Here we go again, another post about Phil Murphy’s professional women’s soccer team, I lost count somewhere around The Bob & Steve Show’s 33rd post about the team.

I’ve written many times about how the soccer world recognizes Murphy’s record of poor treatment of women. Now, it appears Murphy has decided to dump the problem of his soccer team on his wife, Tammy Murphy.

The soccer team sent out a Tweet this morning in which Mrs. Murphy said she has “chosen to take an active role in club activities moving forward.”

Sky Blue Announcement.JPG

In what many would call an understatement Mrs. Murphy writes that they “recognize there have been challenges, but she is “looking forward to working with our team to create a climate of success.”

I guess that explains why she anticipates players “will enjoy their upscale apartments and new furnishings.” I’ll assume these upscale apartments come without an elderly man who repeatedly makes inappropriate comments to the players.

While I am hopeful Mrs. Murphy can make improvements at Sky Blue FC I have to wonder if the Governor is going to be helping her make decisions for the team. He’s supposed to be running the state, not a soccer team, and we already know he has continued to dabble as a soccer team owner despite a blind trust.

Good luck Mrs. Murphy! You’re going to need it.