PRESS RELEASE: Testa, Jr. Challenges Nike to Donate All Betsy Ross Sneakers to Homeless GOP Senate hopeful says letting the shoes go to waste would make a bad situation worse

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Republican candidate for state Senate in LD1, Michael Testa, Jr. weighed in on the Betsy Ross Sneakers controversy today. Testa has a great idea, Nike should listen. Testa’s press release on the issue follows:

Vineland, Wednesday, July 3, 2019 – A day after he called for a national boycott of Nike for their decision to scrap a Betsy Ross Flag-themed sneaker after alleged pressure from Colin Kaepernick and afar-left, politically-correct culture run amok, 1st Legislative District Senate candidate Mike Testa, Jr. called on Nike to donate the unused sneakers to the homeless, particularly homeless veterans.

“While apparently the corporate executives at Nike are ashamed of putting the Betsy Ross Flag on their shoes, I am sure that homeless Americans – particularly our homeless veterans – would be proud to wear them on their feet – let alone grateful,” said Testa, Jr., who is Past Chair of the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Cumberland and Salem Counties.  “Letting these perfectly good shoes go to waste would only compound this asinine and tone-deaf decision by Nike.  Since they recalled the shoes already shipped to stores and likely have hundreds of thousands of them sitting in a warehouse somewhere, it makes perfect sense to give them to people who need them.”

Testa, Jr. called the Nike fiasco a disgrace and called on longstanding Nike consumers – like himself – to find another company to give their business to.

“I don’t know who the people are making these decisions, but the degree to which they are disconnected from regular people in places like Vineland, Millville, Ocean City, Lower Township and Middle Township is stunning,” said Testa, Jr.  “Being a proud American should never be a partisan issue, no matter who sits in the White House.  Shame on these far-left fanatics and shame on the Democratic Party for embracing them.”


92 Days Since Bob Andrzejczak Has Been Challenged To Debate Testa

Michael Testa

Michael Testa

It appears temporary state Senator Bob Andrzejczak is auditioning to be South Jersey’s own version of “Silent Bob,” and he isn’t funny!

On the issues Andrzejczak is silent:

The latest: Republican candidate for state Senate in LD1, Michael Testa, challenges Andrzejczak to a debate: 92 DAYS OF SILENCE and counting.

You read that right, way back on March 25th Testa challenged Andrzejczak to a debate. To date Andrzejczak has remained silent.


The Bob & Steve Show even offered to host the debate and we sweetened the post by stating we would invite state Senate President Steve Sweeney to co-host and offered to take suggestions from Andrzejczak for a second Democrat to co-host.

I spoke with Testa after our offer was posted on this blog. He basically said, “any place, any time.” Andrzejczak, nothing but SILENCE.

LD1 is the only state Senate race in New Jersey this year – Andrzejczak can’t hide forever – and we won’t let him.

Testa Wants A Debate And We Think We Have An Offer Andrzejczak Can’t Refuse

Michael Testa

Michael Testa

Way back on March 25th Republican candidate for state Senate in LD1, Mike Testa, sent a letter to Democratic party temporary state Senator Bob Andrzejczak challenging him to a debate “regarding the $4.5 million in school funding cuts foisted upon our district by your Democratic Party leaders in Trenton.”

At the time the Bob & Steve Show ignored the debate challenge because Testa proposed the debate be held on another radio program. It was nothing against Testa, we simply didn’t see the need in us promoting another radio program – even if we do like the host.

Well guess what? Not-so-shockingly more than 60 days later Testa has yet to get a response to his debate challenge from Andrzejczak.

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Why hasn’t Andrzejczak responded to Testa in over two months? Could it be Andrzejczak no longer has Congressman Jeff Van Drew to speak for him?

Whatever the reason we want to see, or at least hear, a debate. Though we haven’t asked Testa directly we are fairly certain he would happily debate Andrzejczak any time, at any place. To that end, we have a solution – debate on the Bob & Steve Show.

We understand the fact that we are unabashedly Republican, mostly conservative and extremely opinionated might give Mr. Andrzejczak a reason not to debate Mr. Testa on the Bob & Steve Show, but we have a solution to that too.

Our solution? Simple! Considering he was once a guest on the show (Episode #005, 8-11-18) we’ll invite the state Senate President, Steve Sweeney, to co-host the debate with us. It’s a safe bet he accepts the invitation, we treated him very respectfully when he appeared on the show. And, to sweeten the pot we’ll even take suggestions for a second Democrat to co-host a debate with us from Andrzejczak.

That second Democrat could be almost anyone. Maybe Jeff Van Drew? Maybe a Cumberland County Freeholder? How about former Cumberland County freeholder Lou Magazzu? He probably hates us given all the unkind things we said about him when Bob was the Cumberland GOP chairman and Steve was the organization’s consultant. That would certainly make things fair.

How about it guys? What do you think?