PRESS RELEASE: Testa: Dye Added to the Laundry List of Ex Murphy Staffers Accused of Misconduct

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LD1 state Senate candidate Mike Testa hit Governor Phil Murphy over Jeffrey Dye being just one of a “laundry list” of questionable hires. Testa’s press release on the matter follows:

Cape May Court House - Following the recent Anti-Semitic comments made by a former Murphy Administration employee, New Jersey State Senate Candidate Mike Testa, Jr. issued the following statement:

"The recent Anti-Semitic comments made by Jeffrey Dye should be an alarm to all New Jersey residents, including to families like my own... whose ancestors survived the Holocaust and came to America for a better life," Testa said referring to his grandparents Samuel and Eva Flumen, who met in a Nazi Concentration Camp.

According to reports, the Murphy Administration hired Jeffrey Dye after receiving warning of Dye's Anti-Semitic and Anti-Latino viewpoints.

"Make no mistake - the Murphy Administration clearly ignored warnings of Dye's Anti-Semitic past. And yet, they gave him a high-paying, taxpayer funded job anyway," Testa, Jr. added.  "Just like the ignored warnings about an alleged sex abuser and gave him a cushy job, and looked the other way while the Vice-Chair of the Democratic State Committee turned a multi-billion dollar public agency into a patronage pit for unqualified family and friends.  I'm not sure whether the Murphy Administration is incompetent, corrupt, or both, but either way, we need to elect a Republican check and balance in Trenton against this mess in November."

PRESS RELEASE: Andrzejczak Blocks Amendment to Prevent Voter Fraud

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Republican candidate for state Senate in LD1, Michael Testa, slammed temporary state Senator Bob Andrzejczak for voting to table an amendment which would increase penalties for voter fraud. Testa’s press release on the matter follows:

Cape May Court House - State Senate Candidate Mike Testa, Jr. (LD-1) issued the following statement after Interim Senator Bob Andrzejczak voted to table an amendment which would increase penalties for voter fraud in New Jersey's elections:

"Once again, Democrat Bob Andrzejczak put the agenda of his liberal party bosses ahead of what is best for his constituents and all citizens of the State of New Jersey by voting to block an amendment that would have increased penalties for those who commit voter fraud," Testa said. "South Jersey can no longer afford a State Senator who pretends to be a Republican at home, but votes 93 percent with Governor Murphy and liberal Trenton Democrats.

Testa said that while Democrats put their heads in the sand, voter fraud is increasingly becoming a threat to our democracy right here in New Jersey.

“We must do everything in our power to protect the integrity of the election process. Clearly, this is not a concern of the Democrats, who continue to believe voter fraud is a myth, despite mounting evidence to the contrary," said Testa, Jr., referring to incidences in the last several years in Elmwood ParkHoboken, and Middlesex County, to name a few. "If Democrats cared more about honest elections than they do about winning elections, we could confront this issue in a bipartisan way."

Under current New Jersey law, voting violations is a third-degree crime. During yesterday's Senate voting session, Senator Joe Pennacchio introduced an amendment which would increase penalties to a second-degree crime.

Sen. Pennacchio's effort to protect the integrity of our election process was immediately blocked by Senate Democrats, including by Senator Andrzejczak.


It’s Been 119 Days Since Testa Challenged Andrzejczak To A Debate And Still No Answer

Michael Testa

Michael Testa

Back on June 25th we wrote that it had been 92 days since Republican candidate for state Senate in LD1, Michael Testa challenged temporary state senator Bob Andrzejczak to a debate.

In May we wrote that it had been 60 days since “Mike Testa, sent a letter to Democratic party temporary state Senator Bob Andrzejczak challenging him to a debate “regarding the $4.5 million in school funding cuts foisted upon our district by your Democratic Party leaders in Trenton.”

Both times we offered to create a fair venue for a debate between the two suggesting they debate on the Bob & Steve Show and offering to have two Democrats of Andrzejczak’s choosing co-host with us. I’ve talked with Testa about it, he even filled in for Bob on the show a couple of weeks ago and basically said he would debate Andrzejczak, any place, any time.

Andrzejczak on a debate? 119 days later and still crickets.

Not one word from Andrzejczak on our offer. It’s not like he doesn’t know where the radio station is. He went on another show on the station since Testa issued his challenge. The only word about a debate on that show was the host saying he would debate Testa, which of course had absolutely nothing to do with the two candidates debating.

So, even on an appearance on the radio station our show is heard on Andrzejczak chose not to say one word about Testa’s challenge to a debate.

I don’t necessarily fault the show’s host for not pressing Andrzejczak. When you have a member of the opposite party on your show you do have to be somewhat delicate if you want others to come on eventually. We once had the Senate President on and were very respectful, but we still asked questions we’re sure were uncomfortable for him. That said, I do fault the show’s host for not asking if there will be a debate. It’s a question that could have been asked in a respectful manner.

So, here we are, 119 days since Testa issued his challenge to debate Andrzejczak and there still is no answer.

Our offer still stands. We will happily host a debate, with two members of the Democratic party as co-hosts of Andrzejczak’s choosing. What could be more fair?

Imagine if it were the other way around and a Republican refused to answer a debate challenge from a Democrat. Local media would have a field day with that!

So what is it Mr. Andrzejczak, will there be a debate?