A Message From The Border We Were Asked To Share


One-time call-in guest to The Bob & Steve Show, Cammi Moore, who lives in Hidalgo County, NM asked that we share the following message detailing some of the experiences she and her family has had with those who cross the southern border illegally. Her message follows:

My name is Cammi Moore. I was raised on our family owned and operated ranch and farm. I am third generation. My grandparents came out here in the 40's.

There had always been an issue with illegal immigration, but the type of people have drastically changed. The people used to be humble, hard working, caring people who were just looking to make money to send home to their families. Now they demand and are aggressive. They think they are entitled to what we have busted our butts for.

Everyone in this country can tell you story upon story. We have more than I could ever begin to tell you, so I have chosen a few to elaborate on.

We had a John Deere tractor stolen, the illegals piled 10 people into the cab and hightailed it. They ended up turning around and stalling the tractor in a neighbor’s driveway, upon being lost. The neighbors came outside because who turns a tractor around at 5 in the morning. They immediately knew who's it was and called my grandparents. Both my Grandpa and Grandma headed to go pick it up. My grandma got on the tractor, got it started and headed back home with it, when these 10 men lined the road to stop her from going. Her words exactly, "I gave it all the gas it had and they were either going to get out of the way or get ran over."

My dad and I were working some cattle all morning and the border patrol were driving up and down roads, helicopters flying over head. We knew they were tracking a group. Finally one of the BP agents came and asked my dad if they could check a bunkhouse by the pens. My dad said, "Hell we've been here all morning, but knock yourself out." Sure enough there was 12 men with backpacks loaded with drugs and caring AK47's. We could have been blown away and wouldn't have even seen it coming.

One afternoon a woman showed up at the house asking to see a map to see where New York was, that's where her husband was. She told us the group had left her because she could not keep up. We showed her a map, allowed her to use the cell phone, gave her food, water and a jacket. She was also allowed to stay in a bunkhouse to protect herself from the weather. She had ended up calling and was picked up by the wrong coyote and my family was threatened for weeks because of it. We were told they knew we lived along highway 338 and when they found us we would be killed. Border patrol agents and law enforcement officers were notified. As well as all cell phone numbers had to be changed. We simply was trying to help someone and got caught in a bad situation and nearly killed.

As I got in my pickup I heard a man holler good morning come from the barns. I drove over and rolled down my window. He again said good morning, how are you in fluent, heavily accented English. I said good morning. He began telling me his car broke down on the highway and him and his family slept in the car and how cold it was. He demanded to use my phone and for me to give him a ride. I asked if he was part of a caravan, stunned he slowly responded yes. I said you need to get out of here. Quickly his whole demeanor changed! Angrily he grabbed my pickup door, we all carry guns for this exact reason. I showed him the gun and he began apologizing. I called my dad, telling him to get out here immediately. He insisted not to call the border patrol or police. Border patrol agents were called. They apprehended him as well as 4 others. Two days later a deputy called and told us he was a wanted felon. None of which were good, rape and murder. If that doesn't make the hair on the back of your neck stand up.

We've found bedding in barns where they have stayed. They have tried breaking in our home. Trash, debris left all over our ranch. Bunkhouse broke into, stayed in and destroyed, has gotten so bad we don't repair or maintain them anymore. Vehicles, equipment, horse stolen. Fences cut and drove through.

It is not if something is going to happen, it is when and what.

A rancher friend was murdered. A friend was kidnapped. The things that happen down here are unimaginable. The cartels have been captured on game cams. We need a wall/barrier and more feet on the ground.

Thank you,

Cammi N. Moore