Governor Murphy Comes Home, Blames Christie For Train Problems And His Soccer Team Management Blames Jersey Shore Rentals For The Shoddy Housing Provided To Female Soccer Players

Governor Phil Murphy

Governor Phil Murphy

Governor Murphy returned home from his Italian vacation earlier this week and promptly blamed former Governor Christie for all the problems with NJ Transit Trains.

I’ve had my differences with the former Guv, but complaining about him doesn’t solve the problem.

Honestly, living in South Jersey, I don’t much care about NJ Transit trains anyway. Most South Jerseyans don’t care. As a rule, we don’t use the trains! We have one, that I know of, the Atlantic City train and I rode it once in my entire life.

We do have light rail from Camden to Trenton. People use it. I’ve ridden it and watched many a drug dealer conduct business at stops along the way. I even witnessed some arrests. So, it’s a cheap ride to Trenton with some free entertainment thrown in.

PATCO is a different story – folks actually use it.

What I’m really waiting for is to see who Murphy blames for the woes of his women’s professional soccer team.

Just this week, the popular sports news website, Deadspin ran a piece titled, “The NWSL's Sky Blue FC Is Falling Apart, On The Field And Off.” It is a brutal piece.

One would think that Phil Murphy, for all his talk of gender equality would treat the women’s professional soccer team he is the majority owner of with respect, but he doesn’t, not according to several published reports.

The Deadspin piece quotes soccer great Hope Solo, “There were a handful of teams that had less than adequate facilities for ‘professional’ athletes. But Sky Blue was always the worst when it came to off-the-field field quality and professionalism.

“Our team never showered post game at Sky Blue, which is neither hygienic nor healthy,” Solo wrote. “Shower facilities were ‘offered’ to us, but they were not convenient or even inside our own locker room. We trained in a bubble that had no airflow and used to give me extreme anxiety as I saw the roof sag. At times, our coach would not even allow us to train because the grass fields were not lined or not safe, with very uneven ground and uncut grass.”

We already covered the fact that Team Murphy dealt with practice field issues by renting an RV and parking it on the field. The Deadspin piece confirms this.

We and others covered the sub standard housing provided for the women on Murphy’s soccer team, but reading the Deadspin piece we found the team offered a BS answer. The team blamed difficulty on finding adequate housing on the NWSL season “overlapping with the Jersey Shore’s tourism season.”

According to the piece:

“You’re not going to get summer rentals [beginning in] March,” Grieg said. “The season dates don’t help when it came to staying down in that area.”

The problem with that BS answer is that according to Wikipedia, “Sky Blue FC is a professional soccer club based in Piscataway Township, New Jersey.”

Piscataway? How many shore rentals are located in Piscataway? Please, please, please, would one reporter ask Gov. Murphy that question. Where the hell is the beach in Piscataway?

So, now we know, Phil Murphy’s team is blaming the shoddy housing he provides women with on Jersey Shore rentals.

There’s a lot more to this story, but it’s late on a Friday afternoon and I have work to do, so stay tuned.