88 Women Had A Lot To Say About Eating Clubs And Not A Word About Soccer

Governor Phil Murphy

Governor Phil Murphy

Remember those 88 women who signed a letter bashing GOP senatorial candidate Bob Hugin? Or when State Senator Loretta Weinberg joined the Menendez Loving Hypocrites and issued a statement bashing Hugin?

Every single one of them has remained silent as we learn the saga of the professional women’s soccer club Governor Phil Murphy happens to be the majority owner of, Sky Blue FC.

Even the far left ThinkProgress gave Gov. Murphy a well-written beating over the way the team is treated by the owners. It says a lot when an organization that describes itself, in part, as, “a news site dedicated to providing our readers with rigorous reporting and analysis from a progressive perspective” is willing to be so hard on the progressive New Jersey Governor.

The ThinkProgress article goes so far as to say, “the living and playing conditions Sky Blue FC players have faced are nothing short of deplorable.”

Deplorable! That’s the word the 88 women, 89 counting Weinberg, use for those of us who support our president!

Still not a peep from those 89 women.

According to several reports teams are required to provide housing for the players and, “one of the houses that players had to live in just should have been knocked down. Plastic bags for windows, sheets of cardboard for windows, comforters stuck in holes in the wall.”

Still not a word from those 89 women.

The ThinkProgress article continues, “While some players dealt with makeshift windows, others were forced to couch surf with roommates during the season because of a lack of provided housing. The unluckiest, though, were forced to ‘live with an elderly man who repeatedly made inappropriate comments to the players and made them feel uncomfortable.’”

They were forced to live with an elderly man who repeatedly made inappropriate comments and still not a word from those 89 women.

We also learned from reports that “Suburban recreation leagues for 8-year-olds have better accommodations” when it comes to the professional team’s practice facilities, no locker rooms, bathrooms or showers. Apparently, the team responded to those allegations by renting an RV and parking it on the field.

Again, silence from those 89 women.

When an organization like ThinkProgress completely trashes a progressive Democrat governor saying, “No matter how successful you are, there’s always going to be a powerful man in your vicinity who will boast about his feminist values while treating you like a second-class citizen,” there is something seriously wrong.

Even worse, is 88 women who signed a letter attacking Bob Hugin for something nearly 30 years old and another piles on a day or two later to score cheap political points and then say not one word about one of their fellow Democrats who treats professional women athletes like dirt.

For these women to first, stand with Bob Menendez who helped get his buddy’s young girlfriends into the country and second, sit silently as the world learns of the way Phil Murphy allows the women on his soccer team to be treated is hypocritical.

There are at least 89 women in New Jersey who should be ashamed of themselves every day they remain silent about the treatment of the women on the Sky Blue FC.