State Senator Loretta Weinberg Joins The Ranks Of Bob Menendez Loving Hypocrites

Loretta Weinberg

Loretta Weinberg

In a story New Jersey’s Democrats don’t want to let go, today State Senator Loretta Weinberg joined the ranks of Menendez Loving Hypocrites when she issued a statement regarding Republican senatorial candidate Bob Hugin and Princeton’s eating clubs.

Regurgitating more of the same anti-Hugin garbage Senator Weinberg said in her statement, “The revelation that U.S. Senate candidate Bob Hugin fought to exclude women from Princeton’s prominent eating clubs should make residents of New Jersey, men and women alike, angry.”

She said a bunch of other stuff too, all proving that with age does not come wisdom. Or perhaps it simply proves she forgot about the guy she supports, Bob Menendez, scandalous past and that she told a reporter, “It’s a distraction.” Sure, allegedly having sex with under-aged prostitutes in the Dominican Republic was “distracting.”

At least one of the prostitutes who claimed she had sex with Menendez recanted, then again, the prostitute who recanted was not the original prostitute to make the claim according to a published report. So, maybe Weinberg is confused. Who knows?

One fact about Menendez and his scandalous past is clear: Even his own lawyers conceded the fact that Bob Menendez helped bring Salomen Melgen’s girlfriends into the country.

Of course, Loretta Weinberg was silent on the issue of Menendez helping bring a dirty old man’s sugar babies into the country and she still chooses to ignore that fact. She also chooses to ignore that Menendez was once anti-gay rights when he cast his vote for the Defense of Marriage Act. Basically, Weinberg has joined the ranks of the only Democrats can change their views crowd.

Welcome to the world of Bob Menendez loving hypocrites Senator Weinberg. Hopefully, in the future voters will remember what a giant hypocrite you are.