Bob Menendez And The NJ Democrats Outrage At Bob Hugin’s Past Is Fake. Here’s Why:

Sen. Bob Menendez

Sen. Bob Menendez

New Jersey Democrats have been trying to beat the crap out of Bob Hugin over his past association with the Tiger Inn eating club at Princeton.

Menendez’s campaign chairman went so far as to say Hugin has a “disdain for women.” and went on to claim, “Bob Hugin was in a position to show real leadership on advancing the causes of women and the LGBTQ community and failed.” The fact then-Congressman Menendez voted for the Defense of Marriage Act in 1996 seemed to have escaped his campaign chairman. 15 years later Menendez supported repealing the Act – in other words his views changed, but in the world of New Jersey’s Democrats only they can change their views.

Apparently, Menendez forgot his views changed too, saying to the New Jersey Globe, “He stopped women, or attempted to stop them, from joining the eating clubs of Princeton at a time when the nation made great progress, but evidently they didn’t make progress with him.”

Unfortunately for Menendez that argument makes no sense. Hugin’s Tiger Inn battles appear to have ended in 1992 (the court case in 1991) yet it was 1996 when Menendez voted to deny federal benefits to gay couples. So, in in 1991 – 1992 the nation made great progress and Hugin was wrong then why four years later did Menendez cast his vote to discriminate against gay couples? By his own logic gay couples didn’t make progress with Menendez in 1996.

Menendez is also quoted as saying, “This is not the indiscretion of a young guy who may have been misguided at the time, he was in his thirties, I was fighting for women when I was in my thirties. I wasn’t discriminating against the LGBTQ community, I was fighting for them.”

The question has to be asked, how was Menendez fighting for the LGBTQ community in his thirties when at the age of 42 he voted for the Defense of Marriage Act? This time the Senator’s argument is worse than not making sense, it appears to be untrue.

As to Menendez’s claim that he was fighting for women. Come on, Menendez’s own lawyers conceded that the senator intervened on Salomen Melgen’s behalf when it came to getting Melgen’s young girlfriends into the country. Getting young women into the country for their sugar daddy doesn’t sound like someone who has been fighting for women.

Given that Senator Menendez does have a past of voting to discriminate against gay couples and a past of aiding a sugar daddy in his efforts to bring young women into the country his, and the NJ Democrats, outrage at Bob Hugin’s past is completely fake.