PRESS RELEASE: Republican Grossman Urges Booker to Denounce Hate-Israel Slogan.  Blasts Democrat Hypocrisy.

Seth Grossman

Seth Grossman

Seth Grossman, the Republican candidate for congress in the second district, issued the following press release today:

Republican Grossman Urges Booker to Denounce Hate-Israel Slogan.  Blasts Democrat Hypocrisy.

Seth Grossman, the Atlantic City Republican candidate for Congress in NJ02 urged Democratic Senator Cory Booker to denounce the anti-Israel message he posted on social media earlier this week.  He also blasted Democrats for hypocrisy.   “Democrats around the country continue to attack me for accidentally sharing a lengthy essay on Facebook more than three years ago, Grossman said.   Meanwhile, they excuse Booker for deliberately posting an 11 word message of hate right in front of him last week! " Grossman said.

“Democrats are still attacking me because I accidentally shared a thousand word essay  without reading past the first few lines nearly four years ago. “  Grossman said.   “I apologized and removed the post as soon as I found out about it”, Grossman said.

Meanwhile, Democratic Senator Cory Booker still fails to denounce the hateful, “dog whistle” slogan calling for the destruction of Israel that he proudly endorsed on social media.

“That sign held by Booker urges Israel to open its borders and admit millions of Arabs so it is no longer a Jewish country,", Grossman said.   “The existence of an independent Jewish nation is the only way to prevent a future Holocaust, just as the lack of an Israel caused the last one”.

The grandchildren and great grandchildren of  Arabs who left Israel 70 years ago are not “refugees” and have no legal or moral right to move to Israel.”  Grossman said.   “Anyone who makes that claim is using “dog whistle” language to deny the right of Israel to exist a Jewish nation”, Grossman said.  They rarely mention that just as many Jews were forced out of Arab countries when Israel was created.

Grossman pointed out that after World War II borders were re-drawn and people relocated all over the world.  “Buddhists and Hindus were moved out of Pakistan, Muslims were moved out or India, and Germans were moved out of Poland”, Grossman said.

Nobody claims that children and grandchildren  from any of those countries other than Israel,  are “refugees” or have any “right of return”.   Anti-Semites and haters of Israel are the only people who claim the children and grandchildren of Arabs who left Israel in 1948 now have a right to move there today.

“Their obvious goal is to use propaganda and public opinion to destroy the Jewish state of Israel, after years of armed aggression and terrorism failed”.  Grossman said.