Was Jesse Jackson Right (about Cory Booker)?

Cory Booker

Cory Booker

Like many of you I watched the Democrats running for President debate last night. At one point during the debate, in an apparent attempt to show he isn’t part of a political machine, Cory Booker said, “I, with a bunch of tenant leaders in Newark, New Jersey, in 2002, took on the political machine. And boy did they fight back.”

I laughed, not because it was funny, but because like many New Jerseyans I know Booker is very much a machine politician. Many “progressives” called Booker out for a fundraiser hosted by George Norcross and Joe DiVincenzo. Republican U.S. Senate candidate Tricia Flanagan whacked Booker for the fundraiser.

Apparently Jesse Jackson might have known before all of us that Booker would turn out to be a machine politician. Jackson once warned that Booker was a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

I learned of Jackson’s warning by taking an action Booker asked me to. Okay, he didn’t ask just me, Booker asks anyone who signs up for his campaign’s emails to “check out Street Fight, the story of Cory's first campaign for mayor of Newark.”

Booker Email.JPG

So, I did exactly as the Booker welcome email asked and watched Street Fight on Netflix. About an hour into the movie the narrator explains, “Jesse Jackson comes to town and calls Cory a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

If all those years ago Jesse Jackson knew Booker was no good, what’s taking New Jersey’s Democrats so long to figure it out? Maybe they will. Time will tell.

Cory Booker’s Kool-Aid Is Lead Flavored

Cory Booker

Cory Booker

"You’re dipping into the Kool-Aid and you don’t even know the flavor.” Remember when U.S. Senator Cory Booker said that?

Well, now we know the Kool-Aid is lead flavored and it’s Booker’s fault.

But how is the lead in Newark’s water Booker’s fault? He’s no longer mayor.

True, Booker is no longer mayor, but he was Newark’s mayor from 2006 – 2013 and part of being mayor also made him ex-officio chairman of the Newark Watershed Conservation and Development Corporation (NWCDC).

The Newark Watershed Conservation and Development Corporation, according to Politico:

The NWCDC was created in the 1970s initially to manage the 35,000 acres of forest and wetlands that Newark owned in the northern part of the state. It was classified as a nonprofit and its only client was the City of Newark. By the time Booker was elected in 2006, the agency was contracted to run virtually all of Newark's water infrastructure.

“The agency was contracted to run virtually all of Newark’s water infrastructure.” The problem is that while serving as ex-officio chairman of NWCDC Booker did nothing. Nothing might be an understatement because Booker did find a way, indirectly, to profit from NWCDC. According to the America’s Rising PAC:

Booker oversaw and strengthened the watershed while serving as mayor. Booker’s former employer, Trenk, DiPasquale, Webster, profited over $200,000 from its work with the watershed while Booker’s former law partner, Elnardo Webster, “had been acting as the watershed’s counsel.” Booker was also personally receiving money from the law firm during that period as well. As the Daily Beast noted:

“[W]hile Booker was profiting from the firm, they were profiting from Newark: over $2 million in work for Newark’s Housing Authority, the Watershed Conservation Development Corporation, and a wastewater agency. ‘That’s almost like Sharpe James-type shit,’ one New Jersey Democratic operative offered.”

Not only wasn’t Booker attending meetings, but for at least three years he had no one attend meetings in his place. Again, according to the Washington Times:

Booker’s negligence was partly to blame for the corruption at the watershed. He tried to distance himself from the scandal with the excuse that he had not been paying attention or attending meetings:

“[T]he comptroller’s office noted in their report that the mayor did not attend a single meeting regarding the agency. He instead sent a business administrator in his place, and then when the administrator resigned, in 2010, Booker never replaced them. He had no time to go to the meetings, he said. Never mind that a dearth of free time never seemed to get in the way of a commencement address, or a talk-show appearance, or a social-media stunt.”

The corruption? Again, according to Politico

Multiple investigations eventually determined that a Booker ally and the agency's director, Linda Watkins Brashear, was running a patronage pit — awarding no-show contracts, playing the markets with agency funds, cooking the books, and pocketing close to $1 million in undeclared income.

We know Watkins Brashear was an ally because she was a Booker donor. According to the Star-Ledger, way back in 2014:

Brashear donated more than $5,000 to Booker and his political allies in Newark between 2008 and 2010, according to reports filed with the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission, and shows up as a volunteer on several of Booker's filings. She donated $1,000 to Booker's Senate campaign last year, according to FEC filings.

But what about the lead, how is that Cory Booker’s fault?

The answer is in the previously linked Washington Times article:

A report from the engineering firm CDM Smith released in October said a decrease of pH levels in the system was likely a major contributing factor to the elevated lead levels in the city’s water supply in 2017 and 2018. The lower pH levels caused the pipes to start leaching.

The pH range was 8.5 to 9.0 during the 1990s, fell to a range of 8.0 to 8.3 until 2013 and then decreased to the recent average of about 7.1, the report said.

Mr. O’Flaherty said a decision to reduce the pH levels from about 8 to 7 would have been made at some point between 2012 and 2016 — a time frame that overlaps with Mr. Booker’s tenure as mayor.

“That’s the cause of everything,” he said. “I do not know when the decision was made. I do not know who made it.”

To be fair, the decision to lower pH levels could have been made after Booker left Newark City Hall, but these problems do not happen overnight. Years of mismanagement of NWCDC are to blame and it was Booker who allowed that mismanagement to happen.

I’m not the only one who says it’s Booker’s fault. According to Columbia University economics professor Brendan O’Flaherty in the Washington Times article: 

“Booker has no credibility, especially on water,” said Brendan O’Flaherty, an economics professor at Columbia University who put together a 2011 report on the commission. “He did not leave a legacy of a well-functioning water treatment plant and engineering corps. He left a mess.”

Enjoy your Kool-Aid Mr. Booker.

PRESS RELEASE: Cory Booker Doesn’t Care About Americans On The Southern Border

Press Release.jpg

Republican candidate for US Senate Tricia Flanagan smacked Cory Booker today on his immigration plan and the introduction of bill S.2021 saying the bill is “an open invitation for drugs to pour across the southern border.” Her press release follows:

Cory Booker Doesn’t Care About Americans On The Southern Border

Flanagan accepts invitation to tour southern border in New Mexico

LAWRENCEVILLE – Based on the release of his “immigration plan,” parading across the border with five women who were previously sent back to Mexico by authorities and local media finally writing about his introduction of bill S.2021 “A bill to amend the Immigration and Nationality Act by striking marijuana use, possession, and distribution as grounds of inadmissibility and removal,” it was obvious the theme of Cory Booker’s vanity presidential campaign last week was “putting illegal aliens before law abiding Americans,” Republican Senate candidate Tricia Flanagan said.

“I thought when Cory Booker released his ‘immigration plan’ in which he proposes to ‘virtually eliminate immigration detention’ things couldn’t get any worse, but they did,” Tricia Flanagan said. “He had to up the ante by escorting five women who were previously sent back to Mexico by authorities in his now well-known publicity stunt.”

“Of course, Mr. Booker found it necessary to do what he could to get folks to feel empathy by telling their sad stories, stories no one knows are true as their stories have not been investigated by authorities.” Flanagan remarked, “If Mr. Booker truly cared about the border he would have driven 150 miles west and met with ranchers whom I’ll be visiting at the end of the summer and heard from a 30 year old woman how she and her parents all carry guns because they have to thanks to illegal alien drug mules moving contraband across their property.”

“Perhaps true stories like this from citizens of our country are why Mr. Booker introduced bill S.2021 with little fanfare,” Flanagan said. “Surly even Mr. Booker knows his misguided idea to amend the Immigration and Nationality Act by ‘striking marijuana distribution as grounds of inadmissibility and removal’ is an open invitation for drugs to pour across the southern border.”

“Distribution is dealing,” Flanagan explained. “As a mother it offends me greatly that Cory Booker wants to make it easier for drug dealers to enter our country.”

“Cory Booker was too afraid to make a trip 150 miles west of his publicity stunt in El Paso because if he had he would have heard the life Americans are forced to live because of illegal aliens,” Flanagan said. “Booker would have heard about the kidnapping of an employee, property stolen or damaged, homes broken into, men with backpacks full of drugs hiding in barns and more.”

“Those are the things I learned about in only a couple of phone calls,” Flanagan commented. “Cory Booker doesn’t care because there aren’t TV cameras on the farms and ranches in Southwestern New Mexico.”

“Unlike Mr. Booker, I care. I care that Americans are forced to live in fear because of the dangerous rhetoric spewed by Cory Booker and other Democrats on the issue of our southern border,” Flanagan said. “Because I care I have accepted an invitation to visit the border. At the end of summer I will travel there with my campaign manager and our own film crew so New Jerseyans have the opportunity to learn how Cory Booker’s misguided ideas about immigration hurt hardworking Americans.”

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