PRESS RELEASE: Who Served On Committee That Found Barclay “Fit” For An Appointment

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Camden County Republican Chairman Rich Ambrosino isn’t letting the Arthur Barclay situation die. Today, via press release, he asked who reviewed Barclay’s credentials before putting is name up for an appointment in Camden City. Ambrosino’s press release on the matter follows:

HADDON HEIGHTS – Camden County Republican Chairman Rich Ambrosino congratulated Camden’s City Council for pulling a resolution appointing former Assemblyman Arthur Barclay as a commissioner on the city’s parking authority prior to last week’s council meeting.

CCGOP Chairman Rich Ambrosino said, “While I congratulate Camden City Council for doing the right thing, there is no doubt Mr. Barclay’s name should have never been submitted for consideration for an appointment to the parking authority. The fact he was even considered leaves some unanswered questions.”

“A municipal appointment committee reviewed Barclay’s credentials. Who served on this committee?” Ambrosino asked, “It was reported that the committee was ‘satisfied as to his fitness’ who determined Barclay’s fitness?”

“City government has to answer these questions and county government still needs to explain how Barclay still has a job,” Ambrosino said. “No doubt, if Barclay were a Republican, Camden County machine Democrats would be demanding his resignation at the mere accusation of punching a woman, much less admitting it as Barclay did.”

“No longer are Camden County Democrats getting free passes on anything, from Barclay’s resignation last year and the fact he somehow still has a county job, to the scandal involving former Haddon Township Commissioner Paul Dougherty and the resignation of Gloucester Township Board of Education member Brian Dougherty, we’re exposing them for all their misdeeds,” Ambrosino said. “Camden County Republicans are reenergized and ready to take the fight to the machine. If exposing the misdeeds of machine politicians is what it’s going to take to win elections again, that’s exactly what we’re going to do.”

PRESS RELEASE: “Business As Usual” In Camden County

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Camden County Republican Chairman Rich Ambrosino is keping the pressure on the Camco Democrats and the Arthur Barclay situation. His press release follows:

HADDON HEIGHTS – Camden County Republican Chairman Rich Ambrosino’s immediate response after reading a report that former Assemblyman Arthur Barclay met with George Norcross was simply, “Just wow!”

“What’s wrong with this guy that he goes on Facebook and posts a photo of himself with George Norcross and, at the time, the Assistant Chief of the Camden County Police Department and captions the photo with ‘Business as usual,’” Rich Ambrosino said. “He had to know that after resigning from the assembly in disgrace that photo with ‘business as usual’ sends a really bad message.”

Ambrosino continued, “Frankly, I don’t know if Barclay calling it “business as usual’ or the fact George Norcross referred to him as a ‘mentor to many children in the City of Camden’ is worse. Nowhere else in New Jersey would a guy who admitted to punching his girlfriend be called a ‘mentor’ to anyone.”

“To make the claim that Barclay ‘promptly resigned’ from the Assembly is laughable. Perhaps with all the stress of fighting with the Governor, Mr. Norcross forgot there was nothing prompt about it.” Ambrosino explained, “It took 11 days from arrest to resignation. And, even then, the claim was that Barclay resigned for ‘health reasons.’ Apparently, Barclay’s health has greatly improved given the fact he went from being employed by the county as a supervisor in the Department of Events and Community Outreach to a new position as a confidential assistant in the Division of Senior and Disabled Services.”

“After Barclay resigned from the Assembly the county spokesman said the arrest would be investigated as a personnel matter.” Ambrosino said, “I think it is time for someone to explain how that investigation led to Arthur Barclay being moved into a new job in county government and a pay raise. Was it simply business as usual?”

Only In Camco; Arthur Barclay Met With George Norcross, Called It “Business As Usual”

Arthur Barclay

Arthur Barclay

I stopped stalking former Assemblyman Arthur Barclay’s Facebook page months ago. I simply assumed members of the press stopped caring. I was wrong.

Thanks to a Tweet this afternoon by reporter Matt Friedman, we now know that “George Norcross and Camden’s new police chief recently met with Arthur Barclay…”

Apparently, back on August 7 Barclay posted on social media about the meeting and said “Business as usual.. Had a great meeting today. Got a few things working in the pipeline..”:


Friedman goes on to explain the meeting “…appears to have taken place about a month before Barclay turned up to be appointed to Camden’s parking authority…” and, to be fair, Friedman also commented that “…Norcross says he was unaware of the appointment and disagrees with it.”


As you can see above the Camden County spokesman said the police chief was there for lunch. Of course, those of us who have been around long enough to remember when the guy currently serving as county spokesman lied about the Cherry Hill mayor being on a snowplow wonder why anyone in the press would believe a word that comes out of the spokesman’s mouth.

Maybe it’s time Camden County Democrats answer the questions CCGOP Chairman Rich Ambrosino asked yesterday, “Will Camden County Democrats ever stop protecting Arthur Barclay? Was all the #MeToo and #BelieveWomen stuff just rhetoric?”

You can bet there’s going to be more on the Arthur Barclay saga. Stay tuned!