Hey Camden, What Has 83 Years With A Democrat As Mayor Done For You?


Whether it be folks demanding EDA resignations or others complaining about a lack of jobs for Camden residents, activists have only one group to blame – the Democrats they support over and over.

Say what you will about the fight between Governor Phil Murphy and George Norcross over tax incentives in Camden, while exciting, the outcome of that fight will change nothing unless folks change the way they vote in Camden.

The last Republican to serve as mayor of Camden was Frederick von Neida. He was ousted in 1936 by Democrat George Edward Brunner ending Republican dominance in the City. Camden has had a Democrat as a state Senator and Democrats as members of the Assembly since the 40-district legislative map was created in 1973.

So, 83 years with a mayor from the Democratic party and 46 years with Democrats in the Assembly and state Senate.

Camden has been represented by a Democrat in Congress since Jim Florio left the state Assembly to become the Congressman on January 3, 1975. That makes 44 years with a Democrat as the Congressman representing Camden.

And, the last time a Republican freeholder was elected was in the 1990s.

Does anyone not see a theme here?

83 years with a Democrat as mayor. 46 years with a Democrat in the state Senate and the state Assembly. 44 years with a Democrat in Congress. What has that done for Camden?

While I salute the insurgent Democrats for taking on the machine, I think it’s a safe bet to assume that if you lose you’ll still vote straight Democrat and then wonder why nothing changes.

Maybe it’s time for the voters in Camden to try something new.