Only In Camco; Arthur Barclay Met With George Norcross, Called It “Business As Usual”

Arthur Barclay

Arthur Barclay

I stopped stalking former Assemblyman Arthur Barclay’s Facebook page months ago. I simply assumed members of the press stopped caring. I was wrong.

Thanks to a Tweet this afternoon by reporter Matt Friedman, we now know that “George Norcross and Camden’s new police chief recently met with Arthur Barclay…”

Apparently, back on August 7 Barclay posted on social media about the meeting and said “Business as usual.. Had a great meeting today. Got a few things working in the pipeline..”:


Friedman goes on to explain the meeting “…appears to have taken place about a month before Barclay turned up to be appointed to Camden’s parking authority…” and, to be fair, Friedman also commented that “…Norcross says he was unaware of the appointment and disagrees with it.”


As you can see above the Camden County spokesman said the police chief was there for lunch. Of course, those of us who have been around long enough to remember when the guy currently serving as county spokesman lied about the Cherry Hill mayor being on a snowplow wonder why anyone in the press would believe a word that comes out of the spokesman’s mouth.

Maybe it’s time Camden County Democrats answer the questions CCGOP Chairman Rich Ambrosino asked yesterday, “Will Camden County Democrats ever stop protecting Arthur Barclay? Was all the #MeToo and #BelieveWomen stuff just rhetoric?”

You can bet there’s going to be more on the Arthur Barclay saga. Stay tuned!