PRESS RELEASE: Testa: Dye Added to the Laundry List of Ex Murphy Staffers Accused of Misconduct

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LD1 state Senate candidate Mike Testa hit Governor Phil Murphy over Jeffrey Dye being just one of a “laundry list” of questionable hires. Testa’s press release on the matter follows:

Cape May Court House - Following the recent Anti-Semitic comments made by a former Murphy Administration employee, New Jersey State Senate Candidate Mike Testa, Jr. issued the following statement:

"The recent Anti-Semitic comments made by Jeffrey Dye should be an alarm to all New Jersey residents, including to families like my own... whose ancestors survived the Holocaust and came to America for a better life," Testa said referring to his grandparents Samuel and Eva Flumen, who met in a Nazi Concentration Camp.

According to reports, the Murphy Administration hired Jeffrey Dye after receiving warning of Dye's Anti-Semitic and Anti-Latino viewpoints.

"Make no mistake - the Murphy Administration clearly ignored warnings of Dye's Anti-Semitic past. And yet, they gave him a high-paying, taxpayer funded job anyway," Testa, Jr. added.  "Just like the ignored warnings about an alleged sex abuser and gave him a cushy job, and looked the other way while the Vice-Chair of the Democratic State Committee turned a multi-billion dollar public agency into a patronage pit for unqualified family and friends.  I'm not sure whether the Murphy Administration is incompetent, corrupt, or both, but either way, we need to elect a Republican check and balance in Trenton against this mess in November."