If A Group Of South Jersey Women Show Up To Protest Gov. Murphy And The Press Ignores It Did The Protest Really Happen?

Gov. Phil Murphy

Gov. Phil Murphy

Earlier this week Governor Phil Murphy found his way to South Jersey, specifically Cherry Hill, to outline his tax incentive policy.

The claim was he chose Cherry Hill because there is a business incubator, 1776, in the Cherry Hill Mall. The business incubator may do a good job, but what do we know?

We knew Murphy was coming to South Jersey and were a little offended that his staff didn’t think to invite two guys with a political talk radio program in South Jersey. Maybe he was afraid of the questions we might ask.

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What we do know, and everybody with half a brain knows, is that Murphy chose the location because it’s in the heart of “Norcross Country.”

Don’t take our word for it. NJTV News was very direct about it:

Gov. Phil Murphy and South Jersey power broker George Norcross have been locked in a battle over tax incentives.

The latest salvo came Wednesday as Murphy visited a business incubator in the Cherry Hill Mall, Norcross country, to lay out the broad strokes of a new tax incentive policy.

“Instead of a system that benefits only a few actors and the unsustainable rates that hurt our ability to invest in our core values, let’s enact a new system that works for the broad array of businesses, but even more for the broad array of our communities,” Murphy said.

While we are happy that NJTV News, and others, picked up on the obvious, they all missed something we feel was important.

A group of ladies showed up to protest Murphy over complete with signs with messages that included, “We believe Katie,” “Fire Matt Platkin” and “Shame, shame, shame Murphy failed women.”


We have no idea who these protesting ladies are. We don’t know their political affiliation. We are proud of these ladies for standing up to the Governor.

Here at the Bob & Steve Show we’ve mentioned the mistreatment of women on Murphy’s professional soccer team close to 40 times and have dwelled on the fact that Murphy’s rhetoric doesn’t match his actions when it comes to women.

We think it’s wrong that the mainstream press ignored these women protesting the Governor. Of course, if we had been invited they would have had a voice.