PRESS RELEASE: Cory Booker And Phil Murphy, Perfect Together

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Announced Republican candidate for US Senate Tricia Flanagan called out US Senator Cory Booker for inviting Governor Phil Murphy to campaign in Iowa. She says, “Booker’s actions don’t match his rhetoric on women’s rights.” Her press release follows:

LAWRENCEVILLE – Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, Tricia Flanagan, said that U.S. Senator Cory Booker bringing New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy on the Iowa campaign trail doesn’t match the Senator’s rhetoric on women’s rights.

Tricia Flanagan asked, “Does Senator Booker not remember the time he stood before a crowd in Iowa and attacked President Trump saying, ‘We’re not defined by a president who does not believe women?’”

“I remember! I and many other women are wondering why Cory Booker is campaigning with a Governor who clearly does not believe women.” Flanagan said, “We remember the governor’s women’s professional soccer team and the shoddy conditions, including some players being forced to live with an elderly man who made inappropriate comments. We all know Murphy defended his staff’s atrocious handling of Katie Brennan’s sexual assault allegations. And, let’s not forget Allison Kopicki who resigned from the Murphy administration because of ‘discrimination and hostility.’”

Flanagan asked, “By inviting Governor Murphy to campaign with him is Cory Booker suggesting we are defined by a governor who does not believe women?

“That’s certainly what his actions say.” Flanagan said. “Clearly, it’s time for Cory Booker to stop with the rhetoric, end his vanity presidential campaign and come home to discuss the issues important to New Jerseyeans. I’m ready when he is.”

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