New Jersey Jumps On The Ultra Left-Wing Sue President Trump Bandwagon


New Jersey has joined other states, all with Democratic attorneys general, in suing President Donald Trump over the border wall. Obviously, not one of these attorneys general give a damn about what folks, some of whom are my friends, living along the border go through on a daily basis.

They claim there is no emergency along the border with Mexico. According to, New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal went so far as to say:

“As the chief law enforcement officer for New Jersey, I have a duty to stand up for New Jersey’s residents – including our immigrant community – and so I’m joining states across the country in challenging this emergency declaration in court,” Grewal said in a statement provided to NJ Advance Media on Monday.

I agree, the New Jersey Attorney General does have “a duty to stand up for New Jersey’s residents.” I’m a New Jersey resident, born and raised here. I also lived for several years in a border state and have many friends living along the border with Mexico and those friends will tell you there is a crisis where they live.

My first question is simple, does Mr. Grewal believe he is standing up for me? As a New Jersey resident I have to say, no he’s not standing up for me.

An obvious question is how would New Jersey’s Attorney General know whether or not there is an emergency along the nation’s southern border? Does he have knowledge of the situation? Has he ever spent any time in a border state? Has he talked with one person who has had a negative experience with anyone crossing the border illegally?

I know for a fact he hasn’t spoken with any of my friends back in New Mexico. If the state’s Attorney General had spoken to any of them he would have heard stories of homes being broken into, property stolen and/or damaged, threats on peoples’ lives and worse. My suspicion is Mr. Grewal doesn’t want to speak to any of these folks because their stories don’t match the narrative he wants to push.

The thing is, Mr. Grewal doesn’t have to speak with any of these folks. He could read a message from a border resident right here on this website and learn what folks are dealing with. He could listen to episodes 28, 29 and 30 of The Bob & Steve Show and hear the stories of border residents.

Simply put, I don’t believe Attorney General Grewal wants to hear their stories. I don’t think he cares, not when he sends out Tweets like this:

Grewal Tweet 1.JPG

Notice the quotation marks around the word emergency? It’s an obvious attempt at implying the emergency is made up, yet I personally know people who will tell you it’s not made up. And, talking about undermining public safety in New Jersey is a joke considering the sanctuary status of New Jersey undermines public safety. To me, statements like that make Mr. Grewal a hypocrite.

And, what about this Tweet by our Attorney General:

Grewal Tweet 2.JPG

Seriously? “On Friday, the President ignored the rule of law and manufactured a crisis - all in the service of his ideological agenda. Today, we're fighting back.” He had the nerve to write that, but doesn’t see Governor Phil Murphy making New Jersey a sanctuary state as ignoring the rule of law all to service his ideological agenda! It’s just another example of hypocrisy from the Attorney General.

Ignored the rule of law? I am not a lawyer, but I have to ask, isn’t that exactly what sanctuary cities and states do? Ignore the rule of law by not cooperating with federal law enforcement?

I get it, we’re The Bob & Steve Show and our views lean unapologetically to the right, but no matter how you look at it the State of New Jersey joining this lawsuit is nothing more than far left-wing political grandstanding. And, to my friends back in New Mexico, I apologize for my home state not believing you and sincerely hope that none of you ever again have Border Patrol agents ever find 12 men in the country illegally with backpacks loaded with drugs and carrying AK47s in a building on your property.