The Guy Who Campaigned On Raising Taxes Claims “You never like raising any tax…” As He Raises Gas Tax


We’ve all heard the news that we’re going to pay 4.3 cents more per gallon to gas up beginning Oct. 1. 4.3 cents doesn’t sound like a lot, but simple math tells us it’ll cost you a lunch or two a year.

Then again, maybe the folks at Let’s Drive NJ will get their way and Illegal Immigrants will get drivers licenses. Then we’ll have more drivers, more gas purchases and the gas tax won’t have to go up. No, that idea won’t work because all the extra cars on the roads will lead to more wear and tear, more potholes and costlier repairs.

What I found a little odd was what Governor Phil Murphy told reporters about the increase. According to

"Yeah, I'm frustrated," Murphy said.

"You never like raising any tax but this is the formula," he said. "(But) if we're going to keep the funding at the level we need to keep it at to fund the projects ... we have no choice."

Frustrated? You never like raising any tax?

What’s Murphy talking about? He campaigned on raising taxes. He promised “a $1.3 billion tax hike” during his campaign for governor.

The thing is Murphy stated his claim of never liking to raise any tax after a ribbon cutting ceremony at the new Lincoln Avenue Middle School in Vineland.

I get it. A lot of the folks reading this blog already believe politicians lie. But what’s it teach the children at the ribbon cutting ceremony when a guy who previously promised to raise taxes says, “You never like raising any tax?"

Does it teach the kids it’s okay to fib? Think about it, he promised to raise taxes and after an event with kids Murphy said, “You never like raising any tax.”

Governor Murphy since you decided to split hairs with the truth on how you feel about tax increases in the town in which we broadcast The Bob & Steve Show maybe you’ll come on the show and explain the difference between promising to raise taxes and claiming you never like to raise any tax. The call-in number is 856-696-0092.