Drivers Licenses For Illegal Immigrants Coming To New Jersey


Illegal Immigrants living in New Jersey could get drivers licenses if a group, Let’s Drive NJ, gets its way. You know Governor Phil “I made some of my female soccer players live with an old man that made inappropriate comments to them” Murphy will support this and a Democratic controlled Assembly and Senate will ram it through without caring about the illegal activity giving Illegal Immigrants licenses brings.

If you don’t believe giving drivers license to illegal immigrants brings crime, you are an idiot. I lived in New Mexico for several years. I followed the stories as they happened.

There was the time “An indictment alleging a criminal enterprise that brought Asian nationals to New Mexico to get driver’s licenses ended…with convictions on four counts…

In this particular case, “prosecutors described ads that ran in a Chinese newspaper offering assistance in getting driver’s licenses in New Mexico. They said clients would fly in from New York and get driver’s licenses with Leong acting as translator in Mandarin. The licenses would be sent to an Albuquerque address, they said, and Leong would forward the licenses. Investigators said the alleged enterprise secured 62 licenses.”

Then there were “Five people hired to help peddle $30,000 a month in fraudulent New Mexico driver’s licenses have agreed to testify against ringleaders who remained at large…”

The article continued, “Officials are asking for the public’s help in finding a Mexican couple who allegedly transported foreign nationals to Clovis and Portales and charged them up to $4,000 each for a bogus driver’s license.”

I remember other instances of illegal license rings, but two examples are enough for you to get the idea.

I would like to think the folks at Let’s Drive NJ are simply a bunch of do-gooders who think they’re being helpful, but they’re not being helpful. Instead they’re making it easier for people who don’t care much about the law to create new crimes to commit in New Jersey.