Republicans Select Kush For Fifth District Assembly

CCGOP Chairman and Assembly Candidate Nick Kush

CCGOP Chairman and Assembly Candidate Nick Kush

No! Not this Kush – Nick Kush – aka my dad, the guy who used to be married to my mother.

Because I do consult to the Camden County GOP I was the one who had the pleasure of asking him to step up for the party and run in this November’s special election. I was pretty sure he was going to say no, because the last time he was asked to do the favor and step up to run for freeholder he was left out on his own, he wasn’t even introduced to his running mate.

I was shocked that he said yes, and not only did he say yes, he’s going to actively campaign because as he put it, “This governor is terrible.”

Below is the press release announcing his candidacy:

Republicans Choose Kush As Their Candidate In The Fifth

Not that Kush, the other one. GOP consultant’s father picked by Republicans to run for Assembly

RUNNEMEDE – Camden County Republican Chairman Rich Ambrosino and Gloucester County Republican Chairwoman Jacci Vigilante announced today that Nicholas “Nick” Kush has been selected as the GOP candidate in the special election to fill the unexpired term of former Assemblyman Arthur Barclay. The Republican Party is filing the paperwork this afternoon.

“After an exhaustive search Nick Kush has agreed to step up and run for Assembly in the fifth district special election,” said CCGOP Chair Rich Ambrosino. “This isn’t the first time Kush has stepped up to help the party, he put his name up for freeholder years ago when we had a candidate drop out at the last minute.”

Ambrosino continued, “I didn’t have the chance to interact with Mr. Kush when he ran for freeholder but having sat with him and discussed the race I think he can bring attention to the campaign. He’s a pro-Trump, anti-tax increase kind of candidate who is not a fan of Governor Murphy and his policies.”

“After I was elected chair in Gloucester County, Rich and I met and agreed we would leave no spot on the ballot our counties share open, that we will compete everywhere,” Gloucester County Chairwoman Jacci Vigilante said. “Everyone, including Mr. Kush, understands the fifth is a tough district for Republicans, but he may be the right guy at the right time, he’ll certainly keep the Democrats busy.”

“When my son was sent to ask me to run I was happy to help and made it clear that I’m not going to be one of those guys who just puts their name on the ballot,” Nick Kush said. “I’m still trying to figure out how so many people voted for a guy for governor who promised to raise our taxes, I’m against almost everything the governor is for. He’s going to raise our gas tax again, but it won’t make the roads any better. The governor is going to work with others to ban plastics, but that won’t make our neighborhoods any cleaner. This governor never met a tax he didn’t like, probably because he can afford it, but I can’t, somebody needs to fight against all his taxes, it might as well be me.”

Nick Kush resides in Runnemede with his wife Laurie. He has five adult children and several grandchildren. Nick was a member of Teamsters Local 676 for 27 years as the shipper/receiver at the Wonderbread/Hostess depot in Bellmawr. Retirement wasn’t affordable forcing Kush to spend another 12 years working in the Gloucester Township Public Schools as a member of the Gloucester Township Support Professional Union.

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