Gloucester County GOP Chair Forces Paper To Admit It “Missed The Story”

Jacci Vigilante

Jacci Vigilante

Earlier in the week this blog pointed out the local paper in Gloucester County, the South Jersey Times, was forcing Gloucester County Republicans to fight on two fronts.

We praised GCGOP Chairwoman Jacci Vigilante for fighting back against an obviously biased editorial.

Today, the South Jersey Times ran her response to that editorial. Vigilante has to be feeling pretty good because her response forced the editorial board to admit they “missed the story.” From the South Jersey Times:

Editor’s note: Admittedly, we missed the story about the April ballot challenge. Vigilante is correct in that if a candidate receives a sufficient number of write-in votes, that candidate can accept an unclaimed party nomination. Vigilante reports that as of Tuesday, King and Sammons have done so, and will be listed as GOP freeholder nominees this fall.

Forcing the liberal editorial board at the South Jersey Times to admit they missed a story and to write “Vigilante is correct” is the closest thing one will ever see to an apology.

We’re calling this a win for Vigilante.

South Jersey Times Editorial Board Wants The GCGOP To Fight On Two Fronts; Chairwoman Vigilante Obliges

Jacci Vigilante

Jacci Vigilante

It’s tough being a Republican in Southwest New Jersey. In Camden County you have The machine of George Norcross, in Gloucester County you have one of his best friends in Senate President Steve Sweeney. But when you add the local paper working against you it gets extra tough.

As if it wasn’t bad enough that Gloucester County Democrats had the Republican candidates for freeholder tossed from the primary election ballot, on June 9 the South Jersey Times editorial board ran a piece in which they claimed, “There were no Republican nominees for two county freeholder seats.”

Never mind the fact the South Jersey Times never bothered to cover the actual news that the Gloucester County Democrats challenged the nominating petitions of the Republican candidates to get them removed from the ballot. If it had been reverse and Republicans had Democrats removed from the ballot the South Jersey Times would have had a headline screaming about how Republicans were trying to disenfranchise voters.

Gloucester County GOP Chairwoman Jacci Vigilante is a fighter and has apparently decided she isn’t taking the local paper’s one-sided opinions and lack of reporting lying down. Good for her.

Yesterday, Vigilante fired a shot at county Democrats issuing a press release claiming victory for, “Preventing the Democrats’ efforts to deny a choice for freeholder in the general election.” It was a victory for which Vigilante, her county party and her candidates, Diane King and Andrea Sammons should be proud.

Today, Vigilante is fighting on the second front against the local paper. In a social media post the Gloucester County GOP shared a letter to the editor the chairwoman has sent to the South Jersey Times in response to their “opinion” of the local GOP.


In the letter Vigilante takes the paper to task for their lack of local reporting and makes certain that, at least the editorial board understands the Gloucester County GOP “has met challenge after challenge, including this one, thwarting the Democrats’ effort to deprive voters of a choice with a successful write-in campaign thanks to a group of hardworking, dedicated volunteers.” She then reminds them “The GOP is growing,” and that, “Perhaps The Times should start paying attention.”

Keep fighting chairwoman! You can view Vigilante’s letter below in case the South Jersey Times decides not to run it.

PRESS RELEASE: Gloucester County Republican Chairwoman Declares A Victory In Re-Building Effort

Press Release.jpg

Gloucester County Democrats thought they were going to coast to a win in this year’s freeholder campaign without competition. The Republicans had other plans and declared victory in their re-building efforts today. Chairwoman Jacci Vigilante’s press release on the issue follows:

MULLICA HILL – Gloucester County Republican Chairwoman Jacci Vigilante announced today voters will have a choice on November’s ballot for freeholder.

The issue was in doubt because on April 3, 2019 John Alice, Counsel to the Gloucester County Democratic Committee, challenged the nominating petition of Republicans Diane M. King and Andrea K. Sammons. Unfortunately, after that challenge King and Sammons were tossed from the ballot forcing Republicans to mount a write-in campaign.

“Every year petitions get challenged, I understand that, but typically challenges are party affairs with candidates trying to clear the field in a primary much like the establishment Democrats did to the progressive Democrats in Camden County,” Jacci Vigilante said. “Rarely does one party challenge the petitions of the other party, which tells me the Gloucester County Democratic Organization fears facing two strong women candidates in the era of #MeToo and #BelieveWomen.”

“Fortunately, our Republican County Committee stepped up and mounted an aggressive write-in campaign to ensure voters are not deprived of a choice in November.” Vigilante added, “County Democrats failed in their efforts to deny choices to the voters.”

“Preventing the Democrats’ efforts to deny a choice for freeholder in the general election is just one victory in our re-building efforts,’ Vigilante said. “Our Republican County Committee fought back and won. Moving forward with strong candidates, not just at the freeholder level, but in several municipalities throughout the county we are looking forward to more victories in November.”