They’re Coming For Your Plastic New Jersey

Plastic Water Bottles.jpg

Remember way back in the beginning of the month when we warned you a ban on plastics was coming?

Some of you laughed. The Senate President was on our radio show and, based on his response that you “can introduce any bill,” I don’t think he believed this was coming. He was definitely not yet aware of the legislative hearing that was held last week when we asked him in advance of that hearing on our show.

According to one published report some people in the legislature are marching full steam ahead to ban plastics:

State Sen. Bob Smith, D-Middlesex, who announced Murphy's intentions during a joint legislative hearing on plastics in Toms River, said his "ban bill" could see legislative action as early as mid-September.

"We will be working hard this fall on plastics legislation," Smith said after the hearing. "But we're going to take plenty of testimony. We want to hear from the people of New Jersey. We're not jamming anything down anybody's throat."

Come on Bob, you are jamming this down everybody’s throats. Your party controls the Senate, the Assembly and the Governor’s mansion, and the radicals control your party.

I fill my recycle can with paper and plastics and I drag that can all the way down my driveway every week. If everyone else followed the law there would be no reason to ban plastics. Maybe someone could invent a way to use the plastics to fill the potholes that are all over this state.

Besides, if you ban plastic bags what would Phil Murphy’s soccer team use for windows in the substandard housing he provides for the players?

Senator Smith is serious about a ban on plastics. He told the North Jersey Record:

"We heard testimony today from scientists who said that we now have plastic particles in our bodies, so it's become a public health issue," Smith said. "I think there is a lot of momentum for a ban, and I think we'll have it done by the end of the year."

I don’t know what scientists Smith heard from on that day but trust me, I have no plastic in my body. Thanks to a heart attack back in February I now have a team three different doctors that I can barely afford who never once said a word about plastic in my body and I think these doctors have made me take every test possible.

We moved from paper to plastic bags when I was a young man because plastic was better for the environment, or that’s how I remember it. A bunch of talk about saving the forests. Now because we saved the forests and completely mismanage them we have giant fires all over the western United States. Good job environmentalists!

And now we’re supposed to listen to the same groups that wanted us to switch to plastics and ban the plastics they wanted us to switch to in the first place. It’s like the environmentalists can’t make up their minds.

Given the high taxes and the high fees we all have to pay for the “privilege” of living in New Jersey you would think Senator Smith and his friends would work on making New Jersey more affordable.

Instead Senator Smith makes plastics a priority.