Who Will He Blame After This Vacation? He Can't Blame Christie This Time.

Governor Phil Murphy

Governor Phil Murphy

Christmas is over, so it’s time to get back to work. Unfortunately, it turns out blogging about politics at this time of year is difficult, not much is happening.

Fortunately, Governor Phil Murphy is vacationing in Africa, it’s hard to find a tax to raise while he’s an ocean away and even harder to screw anything else up.

We do, however, remember what happened when he came home from his last vacation. The governor decided to blame former Governor Chris Christie for all the problems with New Jersey Transit. At the same time the management of his professional women’s soccer team was blaming Jersey shore rentals for the shoddy housing provided to the players on his soccer team.

Like his current vacation, the last one was scheduled. And, like the last one, this one is coincidentally well-timed. The last vacation enabled him to weather the storm of controversy surrounding his soccer team. This vacation comes at a time when he is faced with the Katie Brennan controversy.

The difference here is we seriously doubt the press is going to forget the Brennan story like they did the soccer team story. No amount of New Jersey Transit train delays is going to help him weather this storm. Even if we get slammed with a snow storm between now and January 2, when the guv returns, there is no way he’s getting a pass.

What we do wonder is who will Murphy blame for the lack of action he took in dealing with the Brennan situation. He can’t blame Christie for this one. Maybe, he’ll try to blame his staff, but he can’t. Remember, he did reply to Brennan’s email regarding a “sensitive matter” with “Hang in. We’re on it.” That response, at least to us, proves Murphy knew exactly what the “sensitive matter” was that she wrote him about.

We look forward to the governor’s return if for no other reason than to see who Murphy blames for his problems this time. And we will be watching!