Murray Sabrin Is The Best Thing To Happen To Bob Menendez

Murray Sabrin

Murray Sabrin

Murray Sabrin strikes again!

Stockton University released a poll today that shows the U.S. Senate race between Bob Hugin and U.S. Senator Bob Menendez a dead heat with Menendez leading Hugin 45-43 percent and Sabrin polling at 3 percent.

Back in August we explained in this blog that Murray Sabrin has spent his entire political career screwing up Republicans. Without Sabrin in this race Hugin would be on top of Menendez, still within the margin of error, but leading.

According to the Stockton University poll:

Hugin is receiving 88 percent of Republican support and just 3 percent from Democrats. Menendez is receiving 80 percent of Democrat support, but 9 percent from Republicans. Independents are supporting Hugin over Menendez by a 4-to-3 margin.

One issue for Menendez: 14 percent of Democrats are undecided or say they will vote for a candidate other than Hugin or Sabrin. A challenge for the incumbent is to convince those Democrats to back their party’s candidate.

Democrats who don’t want to vote for Menendez aren’t voting for Hugin or Sabrin. Obviously, that means Sabrin is pulling Republican voters from the Republican in the race, continuing his tradition of screwing things up for the GOP. Sabrin has about as much a chance of winning this Senate election as does Natalie Rivera. Why can’t his supporters see that? “Or some other candidate” is polling better than Sabrin. Sabrin cannot possibly believe he has a chance of winning this race.

This is not an election where Republicans have the luxury of voting for some fringe candidate, including Sabrin, because the party nominee doesn’t align with them 100%. They need to get on board with Hugin or Menendez will be sending a birthday present to Sabrin in December.

Here’s hoping Sabrin can somehow be stopped from screwing things up for Republicans again.