Murray Sabrin Is The Best Thing To Happen To Bob Menendez

Murray Sabrin

Murray Sabrin

Murray Sabrin strikes again!

Stockton University released a poll today that shows the U.S. Senate race between Bob Hugin and U.S. Senator Bob Menendez a dead heat with Menendez leading Hugin 45-43 percent and Sabrin polling at 3 percent.

Back in August we explained in this blog that Murray Sabrin has spent his entire political career screwing up Republicans. Without Sabrin in this race Hugin would be on top of Menendez, still within the margin of error, but leading.

According to the Stockton University poll:

Hugin is receiving 88 percent of Republican support and just 3 percent from Democrats. Menendez is receiving 80 percent of Democrat support, but 9 percent from Republicans. Independents are supporting Hugin over Menendez by a 4-to-3 margin.

One issue for Menendez: 14 percent of Democrats are undecided or say they will vote for a candidate other than Hugin or Sabrin. A challenge for the incumbent is to convince those Democrats to back their party’s candidate.

Democrats who don’t want to vote for Menendez aren’t voting for Hugin or Sabrin. Obviously, that means Sabrin is pulling Republican voters from the Republican in the race, continuing his tradition of screwing things up for the GOP. Sabrin has about as much a chance of winning this Senate election as does Natalie Rivera. Why can’t his supporters see that? “Or some other candidate” is polling better than Sabrin. Sabrin cannot possibly believe he has a chance of winning this race.

This is not an election where Republicans have the luxury of voting for some fringe candidate, including Sabrin, because the party nominee doesn’t align with them 100%. They need to get on board with Hugin or Menendez will be sending a birthday present to Sabrin in December.

Here’s hoping Sabrin can somehow be stopped from screwing things up for Republicans again.

He’s Polling Third And He’s Bragging About It

Cowboy Cal - the horse Murray Sabrin bet campaign funds on in his 2008 senatorial campaign (photo from Paulick Report)

Cowboy Cal - the horse Murray Sabrin bet campaign funds on in his 2008 senatorial campaign (photo from Paulick Report)

If you told me a week ago that I would be writing about Murray Sabrin two days in a row I would have told you that you were crazy. Then again, if you told me two months ago that I would have let Bob Greco talk me into doing a weekly radio show I would have laughed. So, here I am writing about Sabrin two days in a row. Lesson learned, never say never.

Yesterday the Sabrin campaign, via press release, bragged they have a poll that “shows Sabrin is a serious candidate to take on Menendez.”

“A new scientific poll conducted by Gravis Marketing, a non-partisan research firm, shows that 16% of voters in New Jersey who know of Murray Sabrin will vote for him. The results of the poll showed that once voters were informed of Sabrin’s positions, he quickly rose to be within striking distance of Menendez and Hugin.”

The Sabrin campaign press release goes on to explain:

“The poll shows that once voters learn of Sabrin’s positions they quickly abandon Menendez. It indicates that after learning about Sabrin, just 31% of voters support Menendez, 30% support Hugin, and a shocking 16% support Libertarian Murray Sabrin. When voters know that Sabrin is a college professor, support rises to 18% overall and 40% among young Millennials. Sabrin has no gender gap and his strongest support comes from Asians (21%) and Hispanics (16%). The poll reveals awareness of Sabrin is only 26%, showing great room for growth in his support as more New Jerseyans get to know him.”

I don’t understand the bragging. 18% isn’t anywhere near “striking distance.” This is a guy who in all the Senate races he’s competed in, 2000 (12.6%), 2008 (13.8%) and 2014 (19.4%), couldn’t make it out of the GOP primaries finishing last every time. The numbers all hover around the 16%-18% the Sabrin campaign brags about in their press release.

This poll does show Murray Sabrin isn’t winning. The only question left for Sabin is which Bob’s campaign is he trying to spoil.

Give it up Murray, even the horse you bet on in the 2008 campaign, Cowboy Cal, got a new job.

Libertarian Turned Republican Is Tired Of Screwing Up GOP Primaries So He’s A Libertarian Again.

Murray Sabrin (from his campaign website)

Murray Sabrin (from his campaign website)

Recently some random guy sending an email to the radio station begging that Murray Sabrin get a little air time with The Bob & Steve Show got me thinking about how many times Murray Sabrin has screwed up an election for Republicans.

If Sabrin, or the aggressive campaign volunteer of his, reads this my guess is the Libertarian Party candidate will not be on our show. I have no issue with the Libertarian Party, I’m a small “L” libertarian who, a lifetime ago, ran for Philadelphia City Council as a Libertarian.

My issue is with the guy running under the Libertarian Party banner for U.S. Senate. Simply put, when it comes to the electoral process, Murray Sabrin has spent a political career screwing things up for Republicans.

I have to admit, I was hoping that email to the radio station that I did reply to would give me the opportunity to tell Sabrin on-the-air he’s a spoiler but two weeks later and not a word back.

So, back to the spoiler. Consider this, if not for Sabrin there likely would never have been a Governor Jim McGreevey. Think about it. 1997 McGreevey ran against incumbent Governor Christine Todd Whitman. Back then, we Republicans thought she was the best, she was widely considered a rising star in the national party. Sabrin was the Libertarian Party’s candidate for governor in that race and thanks to his 5% of the vote Whitman barely beat McGreevey 47%-46%. Losing that close essentially guaranteed McGreevey the Democrat’s nomination four years later.

In 2000 Sabrin was one of the four contestants in the GOP primary for the U.S. Senate, he finished last with 12.6% of the vote. Bob Franks was the winner over Bill Gormley by 4,360 votes. Jim Treffinger came in third. Gormley was the kind of guy we needed to defeat Jon Corzine. Sure, Corzine still would have spent the $63 million, but remember Franks lost by 3% spending only $6 million. Gormley was a far more dominant figure, the outcome could have been different. Without Sabrin in the primary it is possible it would have been a Corzine-Gormley fight.

Then, there’s the mess that was the 2008 Republican primary for U.S. Senate. Sabrin was in the contest as was Joe Pennacchio. The brain trust that ran the party at the time was enamored with Anne Evans Estabrook because of her ability to self-fund. Estabrook dropped out of the race shortly after a video titled “Anne Estabrook Flops on the 2nd Amendment” found its way to YouTube. To be fair, the official reason for her dropping out was a mini stroke.

Estabrook’s exit positioned Pennacchio as the frontrunner, the aforementioned brain trust wasn’t having that. First they went to Andy Unanue, his campaign lasted so long that he never made it back to New Jersey from his vacation in Colorado. Then there was a list of potential candidates before the party bosses settled on Dick Zimmer. Sabrin’s 13.8% of the vote, the bulk of which would likely have gone to Pennacchio, is what helped Zimmer garner 45.8% for the win. Zimmer then went on to get crushed by Frank Lautenberg.

Also, during that mess of a campaign Murray “I’m a fiscal conservative” Sabrin proved he’s not very conservative with other people’s money when he bet campaign funds on a horse in the Kentucky Derby.

Sabrin ran again as a Republican in the 2014 four-way U.S. Senate Primary. He finished dead last.

Now, tired of screwing up Republican primaries, he’s back running as a Libertarian. Don’t let Murray Sabrin screw up this election for Republicans like he has in the past. And, to the guy who emailed the radio station on Sabrin’s behalf, I’ll still let Sabrin come on The Bob & Steve Show and he can explain why he’s spent his entire political career screwing things up for Republicans.