PRESS RELEASE: Grossman: Van Drew Should Retract Leftist Anti-Kavanaugh Stance

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Earlier today, by way of press release, Republican candidate for congress in CD2, Seth Grossman called on Jeff Van Drew “to retract his public support of the ultra-leftist ‘#believesurvivors’ movement.”

The Grossman release follows:

Prosecutor’s Report Would Not Recommend Charges


Somers Point, NJ, October 2, 2018 – The career prosecutor of sex-crimes who questioned Dr. Christine Ford and Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh at the recent U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee hearing has stated in a memo to senate members that no reasonable prosecutor would bring charges against Kavanaugh, who was facing sexual assault allegations made by Dr. Ford. 

Because of this, Republican congressional candidate Seth Grossman is calling upon his opponent, Jeff Van Drew, to retract his public support of the ultra-leftist “#believesurvivors” movement which has vehemently attacked Judge Kavanaugh as presumed guilty in attempt to force him to withdrawal from the Supreme Court nomination and stop President Trump from filling the vacant seat on the court before the midterm elections.

“Van Drew showed he truly is just another radical leftist Democrat when he joined with the Washington swamp attacking Judge Kavanaugh with unsubstantiated sexual assault allegations.  He should publicly reject the ruthless and outrageous character assassination tactics being used by the Democrats to smear the Judge, but he won’t.  He’s just another one of them, and that’s what he will do if he is elected to Congress,” Grossman said.

The Van Drew campaign went on Facebook Sept. 24 endorsing the “#believesurvivors” movement before any sworn testimony from Dr. Ford or Judge Kavanaugh had been presented.

Following a bipartisan recommendation, the Senate Judiciary Committee hired Rachel Mitchell, who has 25 years’ experience as a sex-crimes prosecutor and is recognized for her expertise by the legal community in Arizona.  Ms. Mitchell cited that no charges could be considered due to the lack of evidence, and noted that in sworn testimony the four witnesses Dr. Ford identified, including her lifelong friend Leland Keyser, all either refuted or failed to corroborate Dr. Ford’s account of the alleged incident. The prosecutor also noted that there were significant inconsistencies in Dr. Ford’s story, so it amounted to nothing more than a “she said, he said” case, but was actually “even weaker than that” because she could not provide details of the alleged incident’s date, location or how she, as a 15-year old girl, was able to travel there.

Judge Kavanaugh strongly denied Dr. Ford’s allegations, which were said to have taken place while attending a drunken high school party 36 years ago, as well as another incident of alleged lewd behavior made by a college classmate when he was a freshman attending Yale College a year later.  Dozens of Kavanaugh’s high school and college friends and classmates, along with his peers as a Federal Judge, have attested to his exemplary character.

As a result of the hearings, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted to send Kavanaugh’s nomination to the full Senate for vote.  That vote, which had been anticipated early this week, has been temporarily delayed while the FBI conducts a one-week supplementary investigation into the alleged incidents.

“The Democrats turned the Senate Judiciary Hearing into a circus and are doing whatever they can to delay Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination in hope that they will regain control of Congress in November and then nominate their own uber-leftist-ideologue judge to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court,” Grossman said.  “The problem is that their attack isn’t just against Kavanaugh, it is an assault on our American system of justice.  It is an assault on our basic Constitutional rights, and Van Drew has revealed that he adheres to the radical left.”

Seth Grossman and Jeff Van Drew are facing off in New Jersey’s 2nd Congressional District.  The seat, which has been represented by retiring U.S. Rep. Frank LoBiondo for 24 years, includes the counties of Cape May, Atlantic, Cumberland and Salem and parts of Camden, Gloucester, Burlington and Ocean counties.  Donald Trump won the district by five points in the 2016 election.