Progressives Still Refuse To Admit Their Role In Supporting South Jersey’s Political Machine Which Makes Them Hypocrites


While I enjoy watching Democrats in South Jersey beat each other up I still cannot understand how the “Progressive” faction doesn’t seem to understand they are part of the problem. It really drives me crazy that there are some Republicans who insist we need to work with the “Progressives” this cycle “because they hate Norcross.”

First, let’s get rid of the “they hate Norcross” part of the argument. If you are a Republican and insist on working with the “Progressives” do NOT talk to me. It won’t work, it hasn’t worked in the past (just ask Gloucester Twp Republicans) and they are not your friends. They are Democrats who will vote for Democrats. Period. They proved it last year when Republicans came out in support of Camden residents being able to elect their school board. Machine Democrats were against it. The referendum was successful and Camden residents can now elect their school board. Did the “Progressives” support those who stood with them? Obviously not given the way the election turned out.

And then, last week, the New Jersey Working Families State Director, Sue Altman, came out complaining about South Jersey’s political machine. She went so far as to complain the Norcrosses made a move “reminiscent of a mafia-style shakedown.”

To be clear, I do not take issue with Altman, or any “Progressives” fighting with the machine Democrats. I do take issue with the fact that the “Progressives” and their allies have supported the machine’s candidates every single November and refuse to admit to their role in creating the problem. True, they have run primaries against the machine, but come November they are ALWAYS there for the machine.

I’ve written in this blog before: The “Progressive” Democrats are not our friends. Do NOT be fooled. Let’s look at some examples:

  • Camden County moves to take over Camden City police. Camden residents oppose. Camco Republicans come out strong against the union busting tactic. Election day they vote Democrat.

  • A law allowing Cooper Hospital to take over paramedic (and BLS ambulance) service in Camden City is rammed through the legislature. Camden residents (and many others) oppose. Camco Republicans lead the charge against the new law. Election day, Camden votes Democrat.

  • Camden residents support a ballot question enabling residents to elect the school board. Political machine opposes. Camden County Republicans come out strong in support of residents. Residents win the ballot question and still vote straight Democrat.

And that’s not all! Remember when a Haddon Township Commissioner, who happens to be a Democrat, drove his car into the back of another, left the scene, called the police chief and tried to blame his wife for the accident. Republicans called on him to resign. “Progressives” said nothing.

How about the Democrat who won a school board election in Gloucester Township who once wore blackface. Again, “Progressives” said nothing, but if he were a Republican you can bet they’d be screaming.

And the “Progressives” have yet to say a word about former Assemblyman Arthur Barclay still holding a county job. You can bet if a Republican who confessed to a reporter that he punched his girlfriend in the face had a county job the “Progressives” would be calling for that Republican’s dismissal. Barclay is a Democrat so they say nothing.

I can’t figure out why there are Republicans, some who have been around for a long time, who believe we should be working with the “Progressives” this cycle. That thinking has got to stop. They aren’t our friends and never will be.

Bottom line: It doesn’t matter the label, “Working Families” or “Progressive” Democrats at the end of the day, because of their continued support of the machine in November and the machine’s candidates even when they do wrong, are nothing more than hypocrites.

PRESS RELEASE: Sheriff Nolan, Freeholders Thornton and Hayes Ask Testa, Jr. to Aid Legal Fight Against Murphy

Photo Provided

Photo Provided

Republican candidate for state Senate in LD1, Michael Testa, Jr., has announced he will represent Cape May County pro-bono to fight against Governor Phil Murphy’s sanctuary state policies. The Testa campaign press release follows:

October 4, 2019, Cape May Court House - At the behest of Freeholder Gerry Thornton, Freeholder Marie Hayes, and Cape May County GOP Chairman Marcus Karavan, Cumberland County Attorney, Michael Testa Jr, has agreed to gratuitously help Cape May County contest Governor Murphy’s “Sanctuary State” directive and to maintain the 287(g) agreement that the County currently has with ICE.

“The Murphy Administration’s attack on our county threatens the safety of our residents and seeks to compel us to disobey federal law,” said Director Thornton.  “As duly elected officials in Cape May County, we took an oath to uphold the US and NJ Constitutions. We will not allow Governor Murphy and Attorney General Grewal to bully us into becoming a Sanctuary County, not now, not ever. “

Testa will aid in Freeholder Thornton in litigation filed by Monmouth and Ocean Counties, that are currently contesting the draconian “Immigrant Trust” directive on the grounds that it violates federal and state constitutional law.

Chairman Karavan commented “Unfortunately our Cape May County Freeholders and Sheriff have received little by way of actual support from the sitting Senator Bob Andrzejczak. While claiming to be an independent thinker the appointed Senator votes with Governor Murphy 95% of the time, including voting to cut our school aid while giving college tuition aid to illegal immigrants.  Moreover, this is the same Governor who cuts veterans benefits, but created a legal defense fund for illegal immigrants. Strong, immediate action is needed to prevent this injustice from taking root in Cape May County.”

“The laws, the facts, and public opinion are on our side, even if our current Democrat state legislators are not,” Testa, Jr. said. “Governor Murphy and Trenton Democrats are not only dead wrong on this policy – but their actions are illegal and unconstitutional.  It violates the U.S. Constitution’s supremacy clause and the N.J. Constitution's home rule doctrine. I am proud to support Sheriff Nolan and the Cape May County Freeholders and take on this critical fight.”

Recently, the Cape May County Board of Chosen Freeholders passed a resolution in support of Sheriff Bob Nolan and the county’s participation in 287(g) with Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE).  Last week, New Jersey Attorney General Grewal ordered the counties to stand down, barring state, county, and local law enforcement from cooperating with ICE. 

“Cape May County families want no part of Governor Murphy’s Sanctuary State,” Hayes stated. “For nearly 29 years, I worked in law enforcement to save innocent children from assault and rape. Now, the Governor is allowing these monsters to be released from jail before ICE can detain them. They are putting their own twisted political ideology over the safety and we are not going to let it stand.”

PRESS RELEASE: Lampitt Continues Silence On Barclay While Weighing In On Another Race

Press Release.jpg

CCGOP Chairman Rich Ambrosino ain’t having it. He called out Assemblywoman Pam Lampitt, again, for her silence on the Arthur Barclay issue. His press release follows:

HADDON HEIGHTS – “Typically I would never consider weighing in on an Assembly race two hours north of my county, but Assemblywoman Pam Lampitt had the audacity to stick her nose in it and I refuse to let her, or any Camden Democrat, get away with it,” Camden County Republican Chairman Rich Ambrosino said.

At issue is a published report in which Assemblywoman Pam Lampitt accuses Assemblyman Jon Bramnick and Assemblywoman Nancy Munoz of exaggerating their support of New Jersey’s equal pay law.

“It’s nauseating that Assemblywoman Lampitt would use the equal pay law, an important women’s issue, as a way to score cheap political points in a North Jersey Assembly district when for over a year she has remained silent over the fact that one of her fellow Camden County machine Democrats, former Assemblyman Arthur Barclay, who admitted to punching his girlfriend still has a county job,” Ambrosino said.

Ambrosino added, “Even worse, Lampitt dragged an Assemblywoman from Burlington County, Carol Murphy, into this. One has to wonder if Assemblywoman Murphy is aware that we’ve been trying to get Lampitt to break her silence on the Barclay issue for over a year.”

Ambrosino asked, “Is Assemblywoman Murphy aware that Lampitt, like every other Camden County Democrat, is supportive of a confessed domestic abuser?”

Answering his own question Ambrosino said, “Obviously not considering Murphy made a remark about ‘a woman who is clearly afraid of losing her seat.’ No doubt if the women of LD 6 knew Lampitt was supportive of a confessed domestic abuser she would be afraid of losing her seat.”

“Maybe it’s time for Pam Lampitt to stop worrying about races in North Jersey and start explaining to folks in her own district why she supports a confessed domestic abuser being transferred to a new job in county government,” Ambrosino said. “If she wants to continue to refer to herself as a ‘leader’ perhaps she should start leading.”