PRESS RELEASE: Lampitt Continues Silence On Barclay While Weighing In On Another Race

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CCGOP Chairman Rich Ambrosino ain’t having it. He called out Assemblywoman Pam Lampitt, again, for her silence on the Arthur Barclay issue. His press release follows:

HADDON HEIGHTS – “Typically I would never consider weighing in on an Assembly race two hours north of my county, but Assemblywoman Pam Lampitt had the audacity to stick her nose in it and I refuse to let her, or any Camden Democrat, get away with it,” Camden County Republican Chairman Rich Ambrosino said.

At issue is a published report in which Assemblywoman Pam Lampitt accuses Assemblyman Jon Bramnick and Assemblywoman Nancy Munoz of exaggerating their support of New Jersey’s equal pay law.

“It’s nauseating that Assemblywoman Lampitt would use the equal pay law, an important women’s issue, as a way to score cheap political points in a North Jersey Assembly district when for over a year she has remained silent over the fact that one of her fellow Camden County machine Democrats, former Assemblyman Arthur Barclay, who admitted to punching his girlfriend still has a county job,” Ambrosino said.

Ambrosino added, “Even worse, Lampitt dragged an Assemblywoman from Burlington County, Carol Murphy, into this. One has to wonder if Assemblywoman Murphy is aware that we’ve been trying to get Lampitt to break her silence on the Barclay issue for over a year.”

Ambrosino asked, “Is Assemblywoman Murphy aware that Lampitt, like every other Camden County Democrat, is supportive of a confessed domestic abuser?”

Answering his own question Ambrosino said, “Obviously not considering Murphy made a remark about ‘a woman who is clearly afraid of losing her seat.’ No doubt if the women of LD 6 knew Lampitt was supportive of a confessed domestic abuser she would be afraid of losing her seat.”

“Maybe it’s time for Pam Lampitt to stop worrying about races in North Jersey and start explaining to folks in her own district why she supports a confessed domestic abuser being transferred to a new job in county government,” Ambrosino said. “If she wants to continue to refer to herself as a ‘leader’ perhaps she should start leading.”