PRESS RELEASE: NJGOP Launches Digital Campaign To Stop Redistricting Amendment

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The New Jersey Republican State Committee announced today they have launched a paid digital advertising campaign to stop the controversial redistricting amendment. The NJGOP press release follows:

NJGOP Launches Digital Campaign To Stop Redistricting Amendment

For Immediate Release

Trenton, NJ - The New Jersey Republican State Committee has launched a paid digital advertising campaign to stop the controversial redistricting amendment being pushed through the legislature. 

The campaign aims to raise awareness to the dangers of the amendment and continue to grow the coalition opposing the measure. 

NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt  said, "A handful of politicians have demonstrated an alarming willingness to forsake the delicate fabric of the State’s democracy by advancing a redistricting amendment that benefits them and them alone. We're standing with a diverse group of over 50 organizations from around the state that oppose this measure and we are making an early investment to stop this in its tracks. Only in New Jersey, in an era of one party rule, would government grind to halt, along with NJ Transit, so we can ignore issues like pensions and healthcare while we debate debasing the State’s Constitution.”

Chairman Steinhardt published an op-ed expanding on the pitfalls of the legislation that can be read here.

NJGOP Executive Director Theresa Winegar will be testifying in today's public hearing. 


This Gloucester County GOP Chair Is Putting In The Effort

Gloucester County GOP Chair Jacci Vigilante (from

Gloucester County GOP Chair Jacci Vigilante (from

I admit it, I haven’t always been warm and fuzzy with the county party where I live. The previous county chair didn’t much like me and, to be honest, I wasn’t his biggest fan either. My problem was that the town in which I am the GOP municipal chair, Greenwich Township, was treated as the proverbial red-headed step child, despite having the currently longest serving Republican mayor in the county. You might think the former leadership might try to help the guy a little bit. Instead it was, “Oh, they’re fine. They raise their own money, blah, blah…” It never seemed to matter that the Democrats always have a target on the mayor’s back.

Fast forward to the present and all I can is the new Gloucester County chairwoman, Jacci Vigilante, is putting in the effort. From the new and improved website to now hosting a monthly breakfast, which I unfortunately cannot attend as I’ll be doing the radio show with Bob, and a monthly Gloucester County Happy Hour designed to build some camaraderie among the rank-and-file, something that’s been missing in Glouco for years.

Not only is Vigilante trying to build camaraderie, she’s making the effort to rebuild previously burned bridges. She took the time to sit with Greenwich Township Mayor George Shivery and me in a meeting brokered by state GOP Executive Director Theresa Winegar, and trust me, Vigilante knew she was heading into hostile territory. Vigilante did as a party leader should and worked to rebuild a bridge that had been, not just burned, nuked by the previous chair.

I’m not always the easiest guy to get along with, as I explained to Vigilante when I introduced my mayor, “Everyone loves George, me, I’m an acquired taste.” She made the effort, there is now peace between the county and municipal parties. Even better, she gets that in my role as a municipal chair my chief responsibility is to support my elected officials above all else and that anyone, regardless of party, taking a shot at or disrespecting my mayor will suffer the consequences.

Gloucester County’s new GOP Chairwoman is not relying on what others have to say and is actively meeting with fellow Republicans and forming her own opinions. In other words, she’s acting like a leader. She’s giving Glouco Republicans a reason to get a little excited.

She’s got some opportunities coming up. There’s a special election in the 5th district for assembly. The district is shared with Camden County and not very winnable but, working with the folks in Camco it’s possible to put together a spirited campaign. Vigilante also has to choose a consensus candidate for the special election for County Surrogate.

Bottom line: Vigilante is doing a good job, especially considering the condition the previous chair left the party in. She’s light years ahead of the last chair. Let’s hope she can keep it up.

Battle Of The Bobs; Menendez Loving Hypocrites Still Silent

U.S. Senator Bob Menendez

U.S. Senator Bob Menendez

It can be difficult to come up with something to write about when the news is slow. Fortunately, New Jersey’s U.S. Senate race the, “Battle of the Bobs,” looks like it’s going to continue to provide opportunities to opine.

Somehow, we missed the fact that yesterday the NJGOP took a shot at a group of State Senators who had joined the ranks of the original 88 Menendez Loving Hypocrites who apparently don’t care that Bob Menendez worked hard to bring a dirty old man’s young girlfriends into the country.

The Party’s statement on the matter came from its Executive Director, Theresa Winegar.

Winegar’s poke at the group of Democratic State Senators:

“It’s been a week since Senators Cunningham, Weinberg, Ruiz and Pou have recoiled into the shelter of their golden dome after being pressed on Senator Menendez’s offensive history with women. New Jersey’s voters deserve a clear position from them on his record of using his official office to import and exploit young foreign women for his married criminal donor and friend Soliman Melgen. A bi-partisan panel of U.S. Senators recognized Menendez’s abuse of power, but it seems the female delegation of Democrats in New Jersey’s Senate find his behavior to be totally acceptable.”

It must have been a good shot because when the Menendez campaign was contacted by one of the state’s political news websites, New Jersey Globe, Menendez campaign spokesman Steve Sandberg responded with the usual Trump sucks Democratic talking points and how much money Bob Hugin contributed to the presidential campaign, the RNC and such. In other words, Winegar left Sandberg as speechless as the Menedez Loving Hypocrites.

After the latest round of the Battle of the Bobs the count of silent Menendez Loving Hypocrites is 88 women who signed a ridiculous letter and four state senators for a total of 92.

It looks like the NJGOP won this round, so we’ll sit back and watch and see if we can get to 100 Menendez Loving Hypocrites.