The Hypocrisy Of Lt. Governor Oliver, Sen. Weinberg And First Lady Murphy Was On Display Yesterday


Yesterday, Lieutenant Governor Sheila Oliver, state Senator Loretta Weinberg and New Jersey’s First Lady Tammy Murphy issued a press release denouncing Congressman Leonard Lance over comments he made about Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

Apparently, Oliver, Weinberg and Murphy have a problem with the fact that Lance said he “tends not to believe” Blasey Ford. Of course, they have a problem with what Lance said, he’s a Republican. Make no mistake, their real problem is that Lance is a Republican.

I might believe Oliver, Weinberg and Murphy had a real problem with what Lance said if any of the three had ever uttered a public word when men who happen to be Democrats mistreated women.

Have Oliver, Weinberg or Murphy ever said a word about U.S. Senator Bob Menendez helping to bring young women into the country for his pal Salomen Melgen? Don’t forget, Menendez’s lawyers “conceded that the senator intervened on his pal’s behalf” when it came to the young women getting into the country. One could argue that helping a dirty old man play sugar daddy to young women is a form of sexual abuse. It is apparent Oliver, Weinberg nor Murphy would agree with that argument based on their silence over Menendez helping Melgen play sugar daddy.

How about when we learned Governor Phil Murphy’s soccer team forced women to live with an elderly man who repeatedly made inappropriate comments to the players and made them feel uncomfortable. Did Oliver, Weinberg or Murphy speak out about the governor’s soccer team forcing women to tolerate sexual harassment? Nope!

Their silence on the documented mistreatment of women by people associated with Menendez and Gov. Murphy makes Oliver, Weinberg and Mrs. Murphy hypocrites. They definitely lack any credibility to speak out on this issue.

PRESS RELEASE: Camco GOP Candidates Respond To Lampitt

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Camden County GOP Candidates Respond To Lampitt And So-Called South Jersey ‘Leaders’

Why were these so-called leaders silent during the Barclay incident

CHERRY HILL – Responding to a statement released by Assemblywoman Pamela Lampitt and “other South Jersey women leaders” Camden County Republican Party candidates for Assembly and Freeholder asked where the outrage was after former Assemblyman Arthur Barclay was arrested after a domestic violence incident, an incident he admitted happened.

Lampitt, according to a published news release, was joined by Assemblywoman Patricia Egan Jones and Camden County Freeholders Carmen Rodriguez and Susan Shin-Angulo. The purpose of their statement was to make negative remarks about U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump and U.S. Senate candidate Bob Hugin.

Republican candidate for Assembly in the fifth district, Nick Kush, said. “I’m a candidate for assembly because former Assemblyman Barclay resigned after admitting to a domestic violence incident. Not one of these women stood up against Barclay’s admitted act of domestic violence. One of the reasons I’m running is that I’m tired of the double standards of our elected officials, and this is a huge double standard.”

GOP freeholder candidate Keith Cybulski asked, “Where were Assemblywomen Lampitt and Egan Jones during the Barclay incident? Where were Freeholders Rodriguez and Shin-Angulo? Why have they never called out Bob Menendez for helping to get young women Visas to come into the country for Salomon Melgen?”

“I’ll tell you where they were,” Cybulski said. “They were waiting to be told what to say by their political bosses.”

“As a woman I am deeply offended these ‘South Jersey women leaders’ would use the accusations against Brett Kavanaugh to score cheap political points,” Republican Freeholder candidate Claire Gustafson said. “They refused to stand up for women after the Barclay arrest and, at the very least were complicit in helping those who tried to hide the fact Barclay had been arrested by keeping silent on the issue. It’s time for new leadership in Camden County, leadership that is willing to speak for all county residents and not just speak when a political boss says to.”

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PRESS RELEASE: Cumberland Republicans ask Democrat opponents why they're hiding from Bob Menendez

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Kilby And Spatola Ask Why Incumbents Are Afraid To Campaign With Menendez

Are Democrats afraid campaigning with Menendez will remind voters of their own ethical challenges?

VINELAND – Republican candidates for Cumberland County Freeholder, Arvene Kilby and Frank Spatola asked today why freeholders Jim Quinn and Joe Derella haven’t been seen with U.S. Senator Bob Menendez.

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Bob Hugin has made several campaign stops in Cumberland County with Kilby and Spatola. The Republican candidates believe the reason for ethically challenged Menendez’s absence from Cumberland County is the Democrat incumbents don’t want voters to be reminded of their own prior ethical challenges.

“We can joke all day long about Senator Menendez not being able to find Cumberland County with GPS,” said Arvene Kilby. “But the fact of the matter is the incumbents have to have a reason they don’t want to be seen with the top of their ticket. Could that reason be freeholders Quinn and Derella don’t want voters to be reminded of their own past issues with ethics complaints?”

While serving as a City Commissioner in Millville Jim Quinn was fined $250 to settle a state ethics violation levied against him that said he cast public votes on issues involving companies he did hundreds of dollars of monthly private business with. Joe Derella, in November 2017, had a 22-count complaint filed against him by the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC).

“We are all well aware of the fact Senator Menendez was admonished by the Senate Ethics Committee over his relationship with his close friend, political donor and now convicted felon Salomon Melgen, so it’s understandable Quinn and Derella would want Menendez to stay away from Cumberland County,” Frank Spatola said. “Unlike our opponents Arvene and I are proud to stand with the top or our ticket. We are running as a team to bring more transparency to county government, because when light is shed on how business is done ethical challenges have a tendency to disappear.”


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