Former Salem County Sheriff Chooses Miller, Not Gant

Salem County Sheriff Chuck Miller

Salem County Sheriff Chuck Miller

In the letters section of the South Jersey Times yesterday former Salem County Sheriff John Cooksey endorsed incumbent Sheriff Chuck Miller.

This is interesting, not only because as Cooksey wrote, that he “had the opportunity to work with and evaluate and observe their actions and dedication,” but Cooksey is also the man who re-hired Gant. Regular readers of The Bob & Steve Show blog should recall that after an incident with an inmate Gant lost his job, sued to get his job back, appealed after losing that lawsuit and agreed, according to court documents, “that he will not seek re-employment with the County of Salem at any time in the future.”

Gant obviously went back on his word and somehow Gant managed to convince Cooksey to re-hire him as a Sheriff's Officer providing courthouse security and serving warrants, writs and court process, as opposed to being a Corrections Officer. Given that Cooksey has chosen to publicly endorse the man who replaced him over the man he re-hired, it is entirely possible the reason Cooksey rehired Gant is the rumors he felt sorry for Gant are true.

No matter what the reason for the re-hire was the fact that the one man who was the boss of both candidates in the sheriff election chose one over the other speaks volumes.

The choice is clear, a candidate who obviously can’t be trusted to keep his word and allegedly once beat a defenseless man unconscious or a guy who has been endorsed by the man who was once the boss of both candidates. It’s an easy choice, now it’s up to the Salem County voters to make the right choice.