EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Bunyan “Bunny” Mills, “…Officer Gant Began To Beat My Head In…”


By now regular readers of The Bob & Steve Show blog are familiar with the story of Bunyan Mills, a long-ago inmate at the Salem County Jail allegedly beaten unconscious by Salem County Sheriff candidate for Sheriff Bob Gant.

Mills was a call-in guest on The Bob & Steve Show this morning on Crusin’ 92.1 FM and he shared his story of the day he met Gant.

Mills told our listening audience, “I was escorted into a room by two correctional officers, it was a little unusual to me because I had seen them come get everybody else single, you know, one guard. Well, long story short, I was taken into a room, and soon as I entered that room the first thing I noticed, everybody’s shirt was off who was inside the room, it was two other, it was four security guards altogether. Two escorted me and two were in the room with their shirts off. As soon as I walked in the door I seen those guys, and uh, I was met by…I guess his name was correctional officer then, and officer Gant began to beat my head in…”

You can listen to the interview below and to listen to the entire show go to the Radio Shows section of this website.