Democratic Sheriff Candidate’s Campaign Sign Spotted Near Confederate Battle Flag. Same Candidate Was Once Accused Of Beating Black Inmate.

Just when I thought I was done writing about the Salem County Sheriff race, a Gant for Sheriff sign is spotted only feet away from the Battle Flag of the Army of Northern Virginia.

Flag Gant Sign.jpg

As you can see in the photo the Gant for Sheriff sign and the Battle Flag of the Army of Northern Virginia are proudly displayed on a well-kept property. The property happens to be in the same town in which Gant lives.

I get it, Gant supporters are going to argue that he didn’t put the sign near that flag. But could you imagine if it were a Republican candidate’s sign near that flag? It would be national news!

This is interesting because, as regular readers of The Bob & Steve Show blog know, it was a post on social media by a guy named Walter Hudson, who obviously doesn’t like cops, that led to some digging into the background of Democratic sheriff candidate Bob Gant.

Hudson Post Closeup.jpeg

That digging led to my interview of Bunyan Mills. Mills did not hesitate when I asked if the rumor he was assaulted by Gant was true. He quickly said, “yes.” Mills said Gant beat him unconscious.

I spent a total of 29 minutes and 26 seconds on the phone with Mills. I believe him. If I didn’t believe him I would have never written the piece nor would I have invited him on our radio show. Unfortunately, I was in the hospital for last week’s show, so he didn’t call. If Mills calls in tomorrow you will hear the sincerity in his voice, just as I did.

In our last post about the Salem County Sheriff election readers were provided with a court document that clearly states Gant agreed not to seek re-employment with the County. I am not saying it proves Mills was beaten unconscious by Gant, but I am saying that at the very least it demonstrates Gant was no angel.

Maybe, just maybe, Walter Hudson was onto something when he wrote, “Over the years Gant have not been fair to black people.” Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while. It’s now up to Salem County voters to decide.