Gloucester Township BOE Race Controversy Reaches Township Council

Gloucester Twp Councilman Dan Hutchison (Source: Gloucester Twp website)

Gloucester Twp Councilman Dan Hutchison (Source: Gloucester Twp website)

“What do you have other than a Facebook post or what people put on social media, it’s gotten so bad…” is what Gloucester Township Councilman Dan Hutchison had to say in response to a question about the recent school board election in the township. The question, a direct result of The Bob & Steve Show’s covering residency questions of one of the winners, was asked at last night’s Township council meeting by a resident.

Honestly, I don’t know whether to be happy that residents are using what they’ve learned from reading our blog to ask questions of their elected officials or to be angry that a siting councilman could say, “What do you have other than a Facebook post or what people put on social media, it’s gotten so bad…” after being asked a question that resulted from our blogging about an election.

The councilman basically has alleged The Bob & Steve Show is spreading “fake news.” Of course, that is untrue. Every word typed about one of the winners of the recent school board race, Brian Reagan, has been well-documented. Everything, right down to the fact that his campaign website was registered by the township’s communications director and the registrant address used when registering the website is the same address as an adult superstore. It’s all true.

It’s also true that Reagan listed an address on Cedar Creek Drive in Gloucester Township on his nominating petition. And, it’s true I’ve been in the neighborhood several times since our first post on the issue and that I’ve chatted with a neighborhood resident who told me he does not live there. Finally, anecdotal evidence suggests that it is true that Reagan splits his time between a home in Margate and his girlfriend’s home in Philly.

Reagan is an attorney, if I were lying, I would have received a cease and desist order by now. Trust me, those orders do come via email, I got one from a law firm headed by a former deputy US Attorney once – and I was telling the truth that time, too. I have a framed dismissal for proof. My point, I know how this works and so do the players in Gloucester Township. They know I’m telling the truth, now they’re just hoping I don’t connect the last of the dots. I will! Yeah, I’m daring him to send me a cease and desist order – I’ll simply ignore it because I’m telling the truth and truth is an absolute defense.

So, back to the lady and her questioning of township council. There was a discussion about the last school board meeting. At one point during this part of the discussion Councilman Hutchison said that if he were at that meeting he would have said “Stop spouting off negative stuff you cannot prove, you have no idea is accurate, all because you want to win an election.”

Unfortunately, for Hutchison, readers of The Bob & Steve Show blog know what they are “spouting off” about is “accurate” because I backed it all up when it was written. It’s simply what machine Democrats do – deny, deny, deny.

I might be a bit of an ass from time-to-time, but I do believe in being fair. I have to be fair for the blog and the radio show. So, I sent an email to Hutchison on his council account late last night to give him the opportunity to answer a few questions. I’ve not yet seen a response. Following is my email:


You may not remember this but the last time we came across each other you were a registered Republican. It was back in 2003 when I wrote a press release that said you should be excommunicated from the GOP after you endorsed now state Senator Fred Madden over former state Senator George Geist. I had hair back then! Based on the video I just watched, you still look good though.

Hopefully, you will indulge me and answer a question or two for the blog associated with The Bob & Steve Show – a talk radio show that airs on Crusin’ 92.1 FM Saturday mornings from 8:00 – 10:00.

Apparently, based on the video I watched, a nice lady asked some questions with regard to some posts on our blog about the recent school board election. You explained that had you been at the last school board meeting you would have said “Stop spouting off negative stuff you cannot prove, you have no idea is accurate, all because you want to win an election.” That quote starts at the 24:37 mark of the video. The link if you want to review it is here:

Based on that quote, my first question to you is: are you insinuating that I, as the author of the blog posts about the school board race, am lying about the residency of a particular winner of the recent school board race? Secondly, are you claiming the neighborhood resident I spoke with was lying when he or she told me he does not live in the Cedar Creek Drive home listed on his nominating petition? Thirdly, do you know if the rumors are true that there are no beds in the bedrooms, but desks in their place, at the Cedar Creek Drive home?

Thanks in advance for answering my questions. Glad to see you stayed politically active for all these years. Hope you’re doing well!


As I mentioned, Hutchison has not answered my questions. I don’t expect an answer, I haven’t received a reply to my email to Reagan either.

I had no horse in the Gloucester Township school board election. I don’t know any of the candidates. I don’t live in Gloucester Township and to be blunt, I believe they get what they deserve by constantly voting for Gloucester Township machine politicians. Seriously, the voters in that township must love high taxes.

What I do care about is when someone lies to the voters. And, in this case, there is an obvious lie about the residency of one of the winners of the school board race and I will not stop until they admit to their lie.

I’ll update this post if I get an answer to my email. Until then, you can view video from last night’s Gloucester Township Council Meeting below. The questions that came from The Bob & Steve Show’s blogging about the school board race start at the 14:14 mark: