Questions About School Board Election Winner’s Residency And Why The Township’s Communication Director Is the Registrant Of Campaign Website

Brian Reagan

Brian Reagan

Yesterday, shortly after posting about how newly elected Gloucester Township school board member Brian Reagan has some explaining to do, my cell phone blew up with people swearing he doesn’t live in Gloucester Township.

One caller even suggested that he allegedly lives in Philadelphia with his girlfriend and has an office in Gloucester Township that he uses as his “residence.” Another source said, “Yeah, he lives with his girlfriend in Philly. She’s a dentist or something.”

Other sources texted and emailed. One sent this picture with Reagan and his significant other:

Reagan Girlfriend.jpg

The picture proves nothing, but before blocking out her name I looked her up on social media and sure enough, in the left sidebar in the “Intro” it says she’s from Blackwood, lives in Philadelphia and there are multiple pictures of her and Reagan.

Reagan GF.JPG

And, scrolling through the same social media account I discovered that she works at a dentist, or at least she did in 2015, which gives credibility to the above mentioned “She works at a dentist or something” comment:

Reagan GF Dentist.JPG

Again, the above picture doesn’t “prove” Reagan lives in Philly with his girlfriend, but all this together adds up to a bunch of questions that have to be asked of Gloucester Township’s newly elected school board member about his residency.

I was going to reach out to Reagan through the contact feature on his campaign website and ask. Unfortunately, the site was taken down shortly after my post about the election yesterday.

Reagan Website Down.JPG

Now with no way to contact Reagan I decided to do a WHOIS search to see if he used his name to register his campaign website and then contact him that way. Nope! No way to contact Reagan there. But the registrant name was very interesting:


The registrant of the Reagan campaign website is none other than Regina Caristo, the Gloucester Township Communications Director.

Caristo LinkedIn.JPG

If a LinkedIn profile isn’t enough then click here to read an article on in which she is quoted as the communications director.

Now, I cannot explain why the Gloucester Township Communications Director would list the town she lives in as Sicklerville on her LinkedIn profile and the “Registrant street” as 6301 Passyunk Avenue or the “Registrant city” as Philadelphia for the campaign website of Reagan and his running mates.

Curious, I looked up 6301 Passyunk Avenue in Philadelphia and it happens to be the Southwest Philly location of the Venus Adult Superstore. Don’t take my word for it, go to their website and click on locations.

I sent Venus Adult Superstore an email asking them, “Is there any reason you can think of that a campaign website for a school board race would list the address of your Southwest Philly location as their registrant address?” I’ll update you when and if I get a reply.

Until then, I’m going to try and figure out why the communications director of Gloucester Township would be the registrant of a campaign website for a group of school board candidates, where candidate Reagan actually lives, why stuff from my first post on this race was scrubbed from social media and why the campaign website was suddenly taken down.

Stay tuned!