Newly Elected Gloucester Township School Board Member Has Some Explaining To Do

Brian Reagan (Source: Campaign Website)

Brian Reagan (Source: Campaign Website)

File this one under I wish someone contacted us sooner – like maybe BEFORE the election.

One of the winners of the race for school board in Gloucester Township, Brian Reagan, ran under the banner “Building Brighter Futures” with the other two winners. One would think someone running under that banner might be 100% truthful in his campaign.

On the “Building Brighter Futures” campaign website Reagan stated that he “and his wife decided to make Gloucester Township their home in 2011 and have been raising their two children Ava, 13, and Brian, 16, here.”

Reagan Website.JPG

One small problem. Reagan has an ex-wife who apparently doesn’t remember ever living in Gloucester Township.

Reagan Ex Wife.JPG

On top of that, it appears Reagan got divorced in 2010.

Reagan Divorce.jpg

Granted, I don’t know who got custody of the kids, if it’s a shared custody thing or whatever, but the question has to be asked how did he and his wife decide to make Gloucester Township their home in 2011 if his Final Judgment of Divorce was filed on December 9, 2010 in Gloucester County?

Fibbing to the voters isn’t exactly conducive to “Building Brighter Futures.” It appears Mr. Reagan has some explaining to do. His first school board meeting could be fun to watch.