Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Doesn’t Know what Life Is Really Like On The Border And Doesn’t Care

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

When we started the Bob & Steve Show we made a decision to focus mainly on South Jersey, occasionally North Jersey and pretty much leave national politics alone. Well, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) pissed me off with her moronic remarks about concentration camps on our nation’s southern border.

It pisses me off because I used to live in a border state, I have many friends who live in New Mexico along the southern border with Mexico. Bob and I did three radio shows back in January and February (episodes 28, 29 and 30) with folks who live along the border.

Not once did they mention anything about any kind of camps. Quite the opposite, they told stories of drugs stashed on their farms and ranches by cartel drug mules, property damaged in retaliation for calling Border Patrol after the drugs were found on their properties, illegal immigrants breaking into their homes, killing their livestock and even the kidnapping of an employee.

The folks I stay in touch with living in New Mexico tell me things aren’t getting much better. We’ve even heard of folks being turned away from a local clinic in Hidalgo County because they were too busy treating illegal border crossers. There is no hospital in the county.

Trust me, there is no concentration camp or anything of the sort in Hidalgo County, NM nor neighboring Luna County.

AOC has no clue what she’s talking about because, like every other Democrat who has complained about the crisis on our southern border, she has not talked to one single person I know. She has not visited Hidalgo County where the only thing separating the two countries is a three-strand barbed wire fence. In some places there is nothing.

Imagine being out working your family’s ranch and having Border Patrol pull up and ask permission to search an old bunkhouse and, after granting permission, the Border Patrol finding 12 men with backpacks loaded with drugs and carrying AK47's. That’s what life is really like along our southern border. You can read about it in a guest post from a border resident who appeared on our show.

The fact is life along the border with Mexico can be a very dangerous place. Perhaps that’s why our guest blogger wrote, “we all carry guns.”

AOC doesn’t care! In fact, she is standing by her concentration camp remarks and refuses to apologize.

Why let facts get in the way!

And to our friends in NM, stay safe and keep carrying your guns.