Is Lying A Thing With South Jersey Democrats?


Remember that time in 2010 when the Cherry Hill mayor’s chief of staff lied and said the mayor was in town on a snowplow after a snowstorm?

I’m not making it up, the guy really lied. Here’s a snippet from The Press of Atlantic City on February 25, 2010:

Last week, Chief of Staff Dan Keashen lied to the Courier-Post about the mayor's whereabouts during an early February snowstorm, then lied by saying the mayor was on a snowplow and followed that with another lie that Platt only spent two weeks in Florida.

Keashen later said he "misspoke.

That chief of staff was rewarded for that lie. He is now the spokesman for Camden County and the Camden County Police Department (which is a county department in name only, patrolling only the City of Camden).

Just last year Camden County Republicans pointed out the spokesman lied about just becoming aware of the Arthur Barclay arrest.

It could be argued that earlier this month the Camden County spokesman lied when he told the Courier-Post:

“Where an allegation has been resolved and … charges have been dismissed in a court of law, the county … will not create a legal liability for itself and the taxpayers," Keashen said in a statement.

An allegation? The man admitted he punched his girlfriend! Since when is an admission and allegation?

Let’s call that one stretching the truth rather than a lie.

Now let’s fast forward to last week and another Democrat spokesman. This time the spokesman for Lying Bob Andrzejczak.

Andrzejczak’s campaign spokesman accused Republican candidate for state Senate Mike Testa of turning down “a real debate opportunity sponsored by the League of Women Voters.”

Turns out that was a lie! The League of Women Voters is in negotiations with the campaigns and clearly stated no one, “officially declined” a debate. From New Jersey Globe:

“The League of Women Voters of Cape May County is currently in negotiations to arrange a debate between the candidates running for Senate and Assembly in the First Legislative District. The candidates have disagreed on proposed formats, but have not officially declined our invitation,” Cape May LWV Vice President Corrinne Robinson said. “We will continue to work with both parties to provide an informative, fair, and educational candidates event that serves New Jersey’s voters.”

So, are these simply two spokesman employed by South Jersey Democrats who have trouble telling the truth? Is lying just normal for South Jersey Democrats? You decide. We’ll keep watching.