Silent Bob’s Campaign Not-So-Silent Anymore; Our Debate Offer Still Stands

Bob Andrzejczak & Michael Testa

Bob Andrzejczak & Michael Testa

New Jersey Globe is out with the news this morning that temporary state Senator Silent Bob Andrzejczak has ended his silence on the issue of Republican candidate for state Senate Michael Testa’s debate challenge.

Today, by our count, is the 176th day since that challenge was issued. While the Andrzejczak campaign has finally responded to Testa we still do not know if there will be a debate.

The response was strong, with some unkind words for Testa and referring to Testa’s chosen debate moderator – a really nice guy on another radio station – as a “partisan hack.”

According to New Jersey Globe, the Andrzejczak campaign claims Testa, “turned down a real debate opportunity sponsored by the League of Women Voters, the most reputable debate moderators in the state.”

Frankly, calling the League of Women Voters “the most reputable debate moderators” is a load of garbage. For years I have advised my clients (in several states) against participating in debates hosted by that organization because of their left leanings.

So, here’s where we stand. Apparently, Andrzejczak will not debate Testa at Testa’s chosen venue and Testa will not debate Andrzejczak at an event organized by the “non-partisan,” but really left-leaning, League of Women Voters. Stalemate!

Here, at the Bob & Steve Show, our offer to host a debate with two Democrats of Andrzejczak’s choosing as our co-moderators live on the air still stands. That’s four partisan hacks equally divided hosting the debate. Andrzejczak nor Testa will find an offer more fair. Plus, unlike those shore radio stations, WVLT doesn’t broadcast out to the fishes, meaning more voters will hear the debate.

Andrzejczak knows more voters hear our station, that’s why he’s appeared on two other shows, hosted by (supposedly) Republicans, on WVLT. Testa’s been on our show and others.

What do ya say guys? Will there be a debate?