PRESS RELEASE: Disgraced Former Assemblyman Gets A New Job And A Raise; Camden Dems still silent on Barclay

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Camden County Republican Chairman Rich Ambrosino called out the Camden County Democrats over former Assemblyman Arthur Barclay, who resigned last year after being arrested, getting a pay raise and a new county job. The organization’s press release follows:

HADDON HEIGHTS – “Here we go again with the Arthur Barclay saga,” Camden County Republican Chairman Rich Ambrosino said after reading a report that the former assemblyman is still employed by Camden County.

“It’s simply amazing the same party that dispatched a group of elected women officials, including Assemblywoman Pamela Lampitt, to complain about Brett Kavanaugh in September of last year still have not spoken one word about Arthur Barclay,” Rich Ambrosino said. “In fact, in a press release on September 24th of last year we challenged Lampitt and her fellow ‘South Jersey women leaders’ to break their silence on the Barclay issue. After this most recent report, Lampitt and her fellow ‘leaders’ are still silent.”

Ambrosino explained, “Back in July 2018, after we learned Barclay still had his $60,000-a-year job with the county and a spokesman said there would be an investigation we asked, ‘Is this just another case of Camden County machine politics where they sweep their problems under the rug?’”

“Apparently, that’s exactly what happened,” Ambrosino remarked. “The Camden county Democrats chose to just sweep the problem under the rug, not announce the results of their ‘promised’ investigation, give Barclay a raise and move him into a different job at the Division of Senior and Disabled Services.”

“Only in Camden County can a guy who admitted to punching his girlfriend in the face be given a new job and a pay raise,” Ambrosino said. “Frankly, it’s offensive that a year ago Camden County machine Democrats marched elected women officials out to complain about accusations against a Supreme Court nominee, but these same women remain silent on a guy who admitted to punching his girlfriend. The entire situation is just one more example proving the machine Democrats of Camden County care about nothing more than staying in power. #MeToo, #BelieveWomen, social justice and equality are nothing more than good campaign rhetoric to these people.”