Phil Murphy Sides With Illegals Again

Phil Murphy

Phil Murphy

I don’t know how I missed it, but Governor Phil Murphy celebrated the 4th of July by signing an executive order to create a state Office of New Americans.

It sounds nice. The Office of New Americans is supposed to help “immigrants and refugees.” But when you dig deeper into it the truth is quite different. From

Murphy cast the moves as his latest broadside against Republican President Donald Trump’s administration.

“While the federal government takes action that prevents immigrants from seeking the American Dream, New Jersey will fight for our brothers and sisters and stand against the hatred and bigotry coming from Washington,” Murphy, a frequent Trump critic, said in a statement.

“Immigrants are an integral part of our state, and enrich our communities socially, culturally and economically," the governor added. "Through these new measures, we will continue to sustain our progress to build a fair and inclusive state for all.”

“While the federal government takes action that prevents immigrants from seeking the American Dream…” is a lie. The truth is the federal government is working to prevent illegal immigration. Legal immigrants are welcome to come to America and seek the American Dream. Everybody knows that!

Again, according to

Murphy, who has repeatedly vowed to give more state help to immigrants, said the Office for New Americans will be the first statewide office to focus on integrating immigrants and refugees into New Jersey.

“More state help to immigrants?” Obviously, given his remark about the federal government preventing immigrants from seeking the American Dream Murphy is talking about helping illegal immigrants. Imagine that, a statewide office to help illegal aliens.

This madness has to stop! Republicans have to get off the sidelines and get out there and work hard to elect our candidates for Assembly…and this year our state Senate candidate in LD1 too!