PRESS RELEASE: Booker’s Immigration Plan Is Wrong For America

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US Senator/ Democratic party presidential candidate Cory Booker released his immigration plan and Republican candidate for US Senate Tricia Flanagan has some serious issues with his plan. Her press release on the issue follows:

Booker’s Immigration Plan Is Wrong For America

Booker needs to stop encouraging illegal border crossings

LAWRENCEVILLE – Republican Senate candidate Tricia Flanagan said today that the “immigration plan” released by US Senator Cory Booker is “wrong for border residents and wrong for America.”

“It’s a strange coincidence that on the same day I spoke on the phone with Tricia Elbrock, a rancher and small business owner in Hidalgo County, New Mexico, Cory Booker released an immigration plan that could devastate rural areas in the southwestern United States,” Tricia Flanagan said. “Mr. Booker’s plan to ‘virtually eliminate immigration detention’ tells me he hasn’t talked with one person suffering the negative effects of illegal border crossers.”

“Mr. Booker’s plan embodies exactly what Mrs. Elbrock meant when she told me members of Congress don’t care about them,” Flanagan remarked.

“I listened as Mrs. Elbrock explained to me how there’s always been illegal immigrant traffic in the area she lives and how the folks coming now are different.” Flanagan explained, “Illegal border crossers come on ranchers’ properties and demand assistance, and they’re the nice people.”

“An employee of Mrs. Elbrock’s was kidnapped, she, and others, have had their homes broken into.” Flanagan continued, “Others have found bundles of drugs on their ranches, only to have property stolen or damaged as retaliation for calling Border Patrol when the drugs were found.”

“These are the realities of life along the border, but Cory Booker doesn’t care because he’s too busy lurching left-ward as a part of his vanity presidential campaign,” Flanagan explained. “It’s ideas like ‘virtually eliminating immigration detention’ and endorsing the idea of decriminalizing illegal border crossings, like he did in the debate, that encourage people to continue to illegally cross our southern border.”

“After speaking with Mrs. Elbrock, a person Mr. Booker will likely never speak with because her story and the stories of her neighbors don’t fit his narrative, I’m more convinced than I ever was in the need for us to build the wall.” Flanagan said, “It’s time for Mr. Booker to end his vanity presidential campaign and stop encouraging illegal behavior that puts Americans at risk.”

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